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In February last year, the crypto community became obsessed with a specific Dogecoin address, which happened to be the largest Dogecoin holder today, with more than 36 billion Dogecoin. An armchair detective studied many on-chain transactions and suspected that Robinhood owns the wallet. Now this person has researched the topic again and claims that the latest findings help confirm that the Dogecoin wallet indeed belongs to Robinhood. In addition, the person suspects that Robinhood also controls the third largest bitcoin wallet.

Onchain research shows that Robinhood not only has the mysterious Doge Whale wallet, but also the third largest wallet Bitcoin wallet

Two days ago, Reddit account u / Andreifromalberta Published research claims that Robinhood (Nasdaq: HOOD) Hold more Bitcoin (BTC) Than a firm micro strategy. Redditor Andrei is the same detective who published the infamous research four months ago Dogecoin (DOGE) The wallet called “DH5” happens to be the largest dog Today’s wallet.

Reddit published a post published by Redditor u/Andreifromalberta in February 2021.

Back in February, Andre Post Regarding this topic, because the “DH5” address became Very popular topic That month. In an r/dogecoin Reddit post, Andrei stated that the findings indicate that Robinhood is the owner of the “DH5” Dogecoin address and explained how on-chain research came to this conclusion.

The Reddit post on r/bitcoin published by Redditor u/Andreifromalberta two days ago revealed a series of new discoveries.

Last week, the online brokerage firm Robinhood had a Initial public offering (IPO) And company CEO Vlad Tenev (Vlad Tenev) Discussed The company’s cryptocurrency position in an interview on May 6. Tenev’s statement on Robinhood Fireside chat As early as May, it was explained that the exchange allegedly only provided customers with access to their specific assets.

“We have no significant positions in any tokens or similar things we hold on a proprietary basis,” Tenev emphasized in a fireside conversation. Despite Tenev’s statement, Andrei believes that the company does have an important position in many crypto assets.

Andrei’s research links the “DH5” Dogecoin address to Robinhood again, but it also details how the exchange may have many large wallets from coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin CashAccording to Andrei’s survey results, the rich list wallets from the six major crypto assets are said to be controlled by Robinhood.

The report states that Robinhood may have some of the richest addresses from 5 different blockchains

On Reddit, Andrei analyzed step by step why Robinhood is suspected to be not only the owner of the “DH5” Dogecoin address, but also the third largest Dogecoin address. Bitcoin address “1P5” as well as.

Redditor Andrei considers the third largest Bitcoin (Bitcoin) The address belongs to Robinhood. The wallet was established during the same period when the “DH5” Dogecoin address was created.

Not only that, but Andrei also asked Robinhood if it follows the exact same cold storage model Bitcoin And DOGE, “Does it also make sense that the other 5 cryptocurrencies they provide for trading follow the same pattern (Ethereum, LTC, Bitcoin cash, and many more, BSV)? . “The armchair detective believes that all of the above coins and “the top rich address belonging to Robinhood on these blockchains” are the same.

This Bitcoin (BTC) Addresses starting with “1P5” contain 113,842 Bitcoin And began to increase its holdings in February 2019. Coincidentally, the DH5 Dogecoin address and the “1P5” Bitcoin address began to accumulate at the same time.

Andre’s report suspects Robinhood has the second largest Litecoin (LTC) address”LQT“And the second largest Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address”16N. ”Fourth largest Ethereum (ETH) address”0x7“It is also suspected to be Robinhood’s exchange wallet.

“Hold more than 2 million Ethereum, it Seed in exactly the same way,” Andre’s report added. Redditor also shared an article explaining why the richest encrypted address is still very important.

“Robinhood (RH) does have more Bitcoin (116K) instead of Microstrategy (105K), as the custodian of the RH encryption client,” Redditor concluded. “In general, more than 100,000 encrypted Robin Hood is actually smart money, buying bitcoins in large quantities since the May crash And cryptocurrency. There is an urgent need for wallets to provide the freedom of self-regulation for millions of RH investors,” the investigator added.

What do you think of Redditor’s findings showing that Robinhood owns all these wallet addresses? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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