Renee Harshey: From bikini to health

Renee Harshey Bikini competition For a while. She participated in nine national competitions and two international performances, but failed to win a professional card. “My problem is,” she said, “my lower body tends to be denser than the bikini judges asked for.”

Renee points out that women’s bodies usually bear a disproportionate amount of weight below the waist.Therefore, the bikini players with higher density in the lower half should focus on Lost Leg and buttocks muscles. “To do this,” Renee added, “you have to Maintain a catabolic state For a long time, this was not healthy. “In addition, as a bikini player, she had to avoid a lot of leg training.

“I have a lot of lower body muscles,” she said, “and I like to train my legs through squats and leg presses. So, when I read the health rules, I immediately thought this was a category designed for me. “

Apart from her wonderful physique, the one thing you notice most about Renee is the similarity between her and Rachel McLeish. Women’s Bodybuilding Pioneer Because Renee is in Wellness.

“I have a lot of lower body muscles, I like to train my legs” Wings of power

Given her genetic structure, Renee decided to try Health when the department was established in 2020Renee has already won her professional card at the amateur Olympia in South America in 2019, where she won the overall award, but in the bikini group. There was a professional bikini competition the next day, so she changed her travel plan and stayed to participate in the competition as a professional player for the first time. “I am ranked ninth, which is great for me, because I actually reached the top the day before to get my career card. With all the pressure and excitement, I didn’t really work for the next day’s career. Be prepared for the performance.”

Renee didn’t really consider her professional debut. On the contrary, she believes that it was her participation in the 2020 Tampa Wings of Power professional game, which was the first appearance of the first IFBB professional league in the health sector. “This is a game where I can fully train and diet and keep me in my best condition.” Her best results are good enough because she won the health department and became the first health professional in the IFBB professional league.

One thing the observer singled out during that event was the quality of Renee’s pose. “In bikinis, you mainly do model poses. In health training, you do quarter turns, and the contestants’ poses will cause people to develop muscles such as hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. , Clarity and separation of attention. In other words, emphasize the things that make you eliminated in the bikini competition.”

Renee Harshey in a red and animal print bikini
Wings of power

Health, for Renee Harshey, is a great cross Chance. Competitors are attracted to it from other categories such as bikini, physique and even figure. “I like the bodybuilding department,” she said, “and I coach bodybuilding athletes. But I don’t have its structure myself. My hips are too wide and my shoulders are too narrow. Health is a category in between, suitable for many Women who do not fully meet the requirements of other types of competitions.”

Renee actually took part in bodybuilding training by accident. She transferred to high school and wanted to sign up for a dance class, but the class was full. Instead, she participated in the initial weight training and, like many future muscle competition champions, found that she really liked it and saw her body respond to the training.

“As time goes on, I continue to train more and more weights,” Renee explained. “Then in 2012, I gave birth to a daughter and gained 40 pounds during pregnancy. After that, I went back to the gym and managed to get back into shape quickly. At some point, my body changed enough and I decided Participating in the competition, I have been doing this ever since.”

In addition to participating in the competition, Renee also needs to guide professional players to participate. In addition, she also founded a company called FitChoice Foods. “Our passion and dedication to health and healthy living is what drives us to create nutritious meals to help you achieve your health and fitness goals,” Renee explains, “and we provide them directly to you. At FitChoice Foods, we Make and prepare a variety of customized and portion-controlled meals every day, using only the best ingredients. Through careful planning and design, each meal is balanced with your specific nutritional goals to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. “

Renee Harshey posing in boots
Wings of power

With all of her other life interests, Renee remains focused on continuing her career as a Wellness Pro and is inspired by her successful debut at the Wellness Olympia in 2021. “As the first IFBB occupational health champion, I feel that my career has been taken to the next level. But as they said, when you reach the top of the mountain, you usually see another mountain to climb. And I plan to Keep climbing as long as there is one in front of me.”

Renee Harshey game history

  • IFBB Olympia Health• 2021-13day
  • IFBB Arizona Occupational Health Award• 2021 –1Yingshi
  • IFBB Tahoe Pro Wellness • 2021 –6day
  • IFBB Milwaukee Occupational Health Award• 2021-3road
  • IFBB New York Occupational Health Award• 2021-4day
  • IFBB Pittsburgh Occupational Health Award• 2021-7day
  • IFBB Tampa Occupational Health Award• 2020-1Yingshi
  • IFBB Sheru Classic Bikini• 2019-9day
  • NPC Amateur Olympia South America • 2019 –1Yingshi Overall and professional cards
  • NPC Romania MuscleFest • 2018 –5day
  • NPC North America • 2017-6day
  • NPC Universe• 2017 –10day
  • NPC Youth National Team• 2017 –5day
  • NPC NorCal • 2017 –4day
  • NPC National • 16day
  • NPC United States • 2016 –16day
  • NPC Universe • 2016 – 8day
  • NPC Youth National Team • 2016 –5day
  • NPC NorCal • 2016–3road
  • NPC Youth National Team • 2015 – 12day
  • NPC Dennis James Classic • 2015 –6day
  • NPC Thunderdome • April 2015-2nd
  • NPC Felicia Romero Classic • November 2014–3road

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