Reds’ Tommy Fan slaps Giants’ Jock Pederson on fantasy football beef

Cincinnati — San Francisco Giants outfielder Jock Pederson said Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Fan slapped him before Friday’s series opener due to concerns about their fantasy football league. dispute.

As the Giants warmed up in the outfield, Fan faced Pederson and punched him in the face before the two parted.

Major League Baseball is investigating, and Pham agreed to be dropped from Cincinnati’s lineup shortly before his first pitch, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Pederson said after the Reds’ 5-1 win he was accused of cheating by placing a player in an injured reserve and replacing him with a free agent in a fantastic football league. Pederson said his players on the IR have been excluded from this week, making it a legitimate move. He said Pham did essentially the same thing as his own team.

“I sent a screenshot of the rules that said if a player was excluded, you could put him on the IR, and that’s all I did,” Pederson. “He did do the same thing. That’s basically all there is to it.”

Pederson said he didn’t give Fan advance notice that he might confront him in the series in Cincinnati.

“Without arguing, he kind of stepped up and said, ‘Do you remember last year?’ I said, ‘Fantasy football?'” recalls Pederson.

The Giants outfielder said he did not retaliate after being slapped and that he has no plans to re-engage with Pham while the team is in Cincinnati.

“Violence is not the answer. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over,” Pederson said. “I can’t talk to him. I don’t think he wants to talk to me, I don’t know. It’s a weird interaction.”

Pham threatened to violently settle an on-court score with San Diego’s Luke Voit in April, injuring Reds receiver Tyler Pham with a hard, ugly slide at Voit After Tyler Stephenson, there was a fight to the slugger.

“If Luke wants to fix it, I’m fine with it,” Fan said. “Anything. Muay Thai or something. Like I said, I have a master here and he’ll let me use his facilities.”

The scuffle was witnessed by reporters and took place before fans entered the stadium.

Reds coach David Bale declined to comment, and Fan declined to speak publicly with reporters.

“MLB is investigating this, and I probably won’t say much about it until it’s done,” Giants manager Gabe Kappler said.

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