Recommended reading: How Top Gun: Maverick Gets You Into the F-18

Jack Kling-Shleifers, ring

One of the biggest challenges of filming the original Top Gun Prevents all actors playing pilots from throwing up constantly in the cockpit. Any sequel to an ’80s classic has to be more realistic as production eventually moves to the studio. ring Explains how GoPro footage of real Navy pilots was the initial inspiration for the new film, how custom IMAX gear helped capture the angle of a real F-18, and how Tom Cruise prepared the actors through intense training.

David McCabe and Adam Satariano, New York Times

More than 50 countries are working to ensure that data created by their citizens, governments, and industry remains within their borders—or at least stored in accordance with their laws. The quest for so-called “digital sovereignty” could affect the services we use every day or some of the features they currently offer.

Philip Sherborne, cross

AI can now learn, perform, and create music, rather than just replicating human behavior. cross Explore some of the more noteworthy items to find answers to the question: Just because we can, does it mean we should?

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