Recent ‘realityOS’ trademark hints Apple is one step closer to AR/VR headset launch

Earlier this year, a handful of developers, including Steve Troughton-Smith, discovered “,” Apple’s long-rumored operating system for virtual and augmented reality headsets. Now, more than a week before school starts the name reappeared in a trademark application that appeared to be related to the company.

Friday, Vox Media Product Manager On Twitter he shared two USPTO documents he found, which were registered by a company called Realityo Systems LLC. As Parker and others have pointed out, there is evidence that Reality Systems is a shell company created by Apple to cover its tracks.

First, the foreign filing deadline for the two trademarks is June 8, just two days before WWDC 2022 begins.Furthermore, as Realityo Systems LLC shares the same address with Yosemite Research LLC, a shell company Apple uses to protect trademarks for past versions of its macOS operating system, including Another interesting piece of evidence is that, in some countries, Realityo Systems has filed trademark applications that include a realityOS logo written in Apple’s iconic San Francisco font.

The timing of the filing suggests Apple is getting closer to the day it shares details of its augmented and virtual reality ambitions. However, we caution against expecting an announcement as early as next his latest , Bloomberg Mark Gurman predicts that the company won’t hold a “full reveal” of its mixed reality headset at WWDC. In fact, he said he would be “worried” that the company would make such an announcement.Gurman previously reported Apple is considering delaying the device’s debut until 2023 due to ongoing development issues. Still, the company is clearly moving forward with the project.

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