Reality TV stars who sell farts in jars turn to selling NFTs

A picture of an article where a Douyin star who sells farts in a jar started selling farts on NFT

Screenshot: Douyin/@stepankamatto

A reality TV star selling farts in a jar decided to stop selling, despite Earn 1,000 US dollars per can. But fans of her work don’t have to worry too much. She will still sell her fart as an irreplaceable token, usually called NFT.

Stephanie Matto, who appeared in the reality TV show “90 Days of Fiance” and gained a lot of fans on TikTok, said that she had to go to the hospital recently due to stomach complications because she ate too much high-fiber foods. Generate more and more farts.

“I thought I had a stroke. This is my last moment,” Mato told the British Jam press About her accidental trip to the hospital near her home in Connecticut. “I did too much.”

Mato, a self-proclaimed farting entrepreneur, started to fart in a jar and sell it online in November, and recorded the food she ate Tik Tok Maintain flatulence, such as beans, protein muffins and eggs. According to reports, Mato earns about $50,000 a week through highly profitable efforts, but the pressure soon becomes too great.

“I didn’t tell my doctor about the fart in the jar, but I did tell them about my diet. Obviously, what I experienced was not a stroke or a heart attack, but a very severe gas pain,” Matto told Jam Press.

“Someone suggested that I change my diet and take gas-suppressing drugs, which actually ended my business,” Mato continued.

However, although Mato has retired from the real-world fart tank business, she is still pursuing the world of NFT, where she sells cartoon images of fart tanks. Non-fungible tokens are usually associated with jpeg images, but they are essentially decentralized receipts on the blockchain, which can be any type of hyperlink.

Matto launched a sales website 5,000 fart cans NFT 0.05 Ether, which is approximately US$191 at the current exchange rate, excluding Ethereum’s notoriously high oil prices. In this case, the gas cost of ether, which is the transaction cost of the blockchain, is appropriately named.

Matto’s new website claims that 100 virtual fart cans can be exchanged for real-world fart cans, so it seems that Matto has not completely given up on the fart game. Another 70 tokens can be exchanged for old underwear, and 30 fart can tokens can be exchanged for some Matto’s old underwear.

“These NFTs are as beautiful, unique and rare as my actual poots! Across the screen, you can almost smell how pleasant they are. Use your imagination!” Matto said in a statement on her website.

“The fart tank is a true sign of going against the current, daring to be the first, and not caring about other people’s opinions. As the first fart tycoon ever made me on the map, now it’s your turn to be part of my fart empire,” Matto continued Said.

A picture of an article where a Douyin star who sells farts in a jar started selling farts on NFT

Screenshot: Fart tank NFT

This fart-based businesswoman also offers Zoom meetings and even provides guidance for anyone who wants to create a business like hers.

From Matto’s NFT website:

Become a Girlboss and enter a private group with Steph, where you can receive guidance on how to “build a brand”, “become a content creator” and “become a fart entrepreneur”.

Mato sees her business venture as an empowering move, even if she has received some negative attention from online trolls.

“I have even received death threats, someone told me that I should end my life, etc. I try not to react to these people and give them what they want. This is attention,” Matto told Jam Press.

“In this day and age, we need to stop degrading people for their choices. Especially if their choices don’t actually hurt anyone,” Mato continued.

“I think there is a lot of jealousy and a lot of anti-feminism. Everyone is a feminist until a woman starts to fart in a jar and sell it. But I feel my family is relieved [about my retirement], To be honest, so is my colon. “

No matter how you want to sell fart in a jar, Mato seems to be doing a good job financially. We can’t think of a better way to describe how NFTs-a very good smart contract technology, when it is not only used for shill jpeg links-are now monetized on the Internet. It is indeed farting in the jar.

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