RCS guide and why it makes text messaging better

Verizon next year Will join AT&T and T-Mobile When the Android phone is pre-installed Message from Google As the default SMS application. For RCS, this is a huge victory. This is the chat protocol that Google has been pushing for all of us to adopt. But what is RCS, and why do you need it?

Short version: It is an upgrade to the standard SMS/MMS text messaging standard used by smartphones from the beginning. It provides better support for all the cool add-ons we use in messaging applications, such as reading receipts and images, and it also adds some additional layers of security.

Yes, it is very similar to Apple’s iMessage-although it is not that simple.This is not a applicationAnd more standard The application can be used.

Long version: RCS, representative Rich communication services, Is a basic standard, not an application like WhatsApp or Telegram. It needs carrier support to work, which is why the support of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile is significant (it is now available in dozens of countries).

RCS supports functions such as reading receipts.

Screenshot: Google via David Nield

The Messages application on Android developed by Google is the main way to access all the content provided by RCS-although in theory other applications can also support the standard. A big question about the future of RCS is whether Apple will agree to support it, giving Android users a more equal position in the Messages app on iPhone and other Apple devices.

SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) are not really built for the modern way we communicate via mobile phones. RCS tries to solve this problem. It adds or improves support for sharing large-resolution images and videos, group chats, reading receipts, video calls, and messages that actually exceed 160 characters.

You can add reactions to messages, see when other people are typing, and put extra elements (such as GIFs, stickers, and your current location) into the conversation-these features you may be used to and accepted as standard in other applications .

There are also changes and upgrades behind the scenes. SMS/MMS needs to establish a data connection with your cellular service, and RCS can also work via cellular network or Wi-Fi. If you have no signal for some reason, but you can find a wireless network, your message can still go through.

As June 2021, The standard now also brings end-to-end encryption for one-to-one chats. You should see a small lock symbol (and a small padlock next to the sent message) next to the “Send” button in “Messages” to confirm this. If you use RCS-enabled messages to chat with someone, this feature should be enabled by default.

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