Razer created MagSafe cooling fan for iPhone gamers

Do you play mobile games so much that your phone feels hot to the touch? Probably not, but in any case, Razer can meet your needs. according to arrive Aimo, Razer has Released The $60 Phone Cooler Chroma promises to keep your phone cool.There is a version with a clip, suitable for Android phones and older iPhones, but the star on display is the MagSafe model-you won’t completely tarnish your design iPhone 12 or 13.

This is a Razer accessory, and you can expect seemingly mandatory RGB lighting (controlled via Bluetooth) and a quiet, high-powered seven-leaf fan that stays around 30dB. However, please be prepared to be near the power outlet, because whether you are using MagSafe or not, you need to plug in a USB-C charger.

Phone Cooler Chroma is now available. Of course, the question is whether you will benefit from it first. Modern mobile phones do get hot and will degrade performance under constant heavy loads, but it is not clear how much the phone will cool when the fan is outside the phone. There is also a simple question of necessity.Do you really want a wired fan just to improve performance Primordial shock or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version? However, this may not be completely far-fetched—— Well-cooled gaming phone There are audiences in countries like China, and Razer’s fans allow a wider audience to use this kind of overkill.

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