Ray Liotta: Jacy Nittolo remembers ‘deep love’ with ‘Goodfellas’ star

“My life has been truly amazing the past few years,” Nitolo wrote in an Instagram post Published Saturday. “Ray and I have a deep love that I will treasure forever in my heart.”

“We laugh every day, we are inseparable. Chemistry is the best way,” she said. “To me, he’s everything in the world, and we can’t get enough of each other. The kind of true love that a person dreams of.”

“He’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever known, inside and out…even that would be an understatement.”

Nitolo also posted several photos of himself with the “Goodfellas” star.

Lyotard announces their engagement December 2020 on Instagramwriting that he “proposed to the love of my life and thank god she said yes!”

Lyotard died in his sleep Thursday at the age of 67 while filming a film called “Dangerous Waters,” according to his publicist.

In addition to Nitolo, he is survived by his daughter Carlson, who was married to actress Michelle Grace for seven years.

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