Rapinoe’s conversion, the United States surpasses the Netherlands in the penalty shootout

Yokohama, Japan (AP)-when Megan Rapinoe Step up to take she punish, she At the moment, I just want to stay calm as much as possible.

“You either take one and you lose, or you take one and win,” she Say. “It will use one of two methods.”

This is a winner.

Rapinoe converted the decisive penalty in the penalty shootout, and the US team advanced to the women’s Olympic semifinals 4-2 after a 2-2 draw. Dutch on Friday.

U.S. goalkeeper Alyssa Naich stops the ball Vivienne MidmarAn opening attempt in a penalty shoot-out, and then saved a shot from Aneke Nowen before Rapino put she Penalty kick left.

After Rapinoe’s conversion, she Turn to she Teammate, fold she Arms and a triumphant smile.

Later, she Joking about stress.

“I just try to stay calm. I always say to myself,’The worst case is that you will lose the whole thing,'” she Laughed.

Midmar Scored two goals within the specified time Dutch, give she 10 goals in the game-Olympic record. But the Dutch are going home.

Midmar put Dutch It took the lead in the 18th minute, but when Sam Mewis scored with a header from Lynn Williams in the 28th minute, the Americans evened the score. Williams then gave the Americans the lead in the 31st inning.

Midmar,Who’s playing she Game 100 Dutch, Leading 2-2 in the 54th inning. In the 81st minute, Naich saved Lek Martens’s penalty and the game entered overtime.

“I think it’s amazing. I should be punished in the game,” Midmar Say. “I should stick to my plan and start from there. But this is life. This is football, I just need to move on.”

Nahe was as calm after the game as during the game, playing down his performance while praising his teammates.

“This team just continued to work for 90 minutes, 120 minutes, and we have always believed that we will find a way to complete it,” Naeher said. “I am very proud of standing up for four players and scoring four penalty kicks, making 4 of 4 shots. This is great.”

The United States will face its familiar enemy Canada in Kashima next Monday. The Canadian team advanced to the semi-finals 4-3 through a penalty shoot-out after a zero-point draw with Brazil in Reif.

The Americans participated in a penalty shoot-out for the fifth time in a major tournament. The last time was at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, when the United States was defeated by Sweden in the quarterfinals.

“This is a cruel way to end the game,” Rapino Say. “It’s bad to miss one, and it’s bad to lose the game. But that’s not who we are today.”

Friday’s match at the International Stadium brought together two teams that participated in the World Cup final in France two years ago. The American women’s team won 2-0, and the crowd chanted “equal pay for equal work!” Supporting the team’s legal rights struggle with the men’s national team.

American coach Vlatko Andonovski (Vlatko Andonovski) adjusted the lineup for Friday’s game, Rapino, Alex Morgan, Christen Press and Rose Lavelle at the beginning When sitting on the bench.

This tough game is the latest obstacle in a game that is particularly unusual for the United States. The usually strong American lost to Sweden 3-0 in the first game, and then defeated New Zealand 6-1. After a 0-0 draw with Australia, they advanced to the knockout rounds.

Since 2017, the United States has not been turned away.

DutchAt the same time, he attacked with an Olympic record of 21 goals in the group stage-breaking the record of 16 goals set by the United States in 2012.

MidmarPlaying for the English club Arsenal, he is only 25 years old and is already the scoring leader in the history of the Premier League Dutch Scored 84 goals in 100 games. she He is also the top scorer in the English Women’s Premier League.

U.S. also played Dutch Won 2-0 in Breda in November. Before losing to Sweden at the Tokyo Olympics, the Americans remained unbeaten in 44 consecutive games.

In Reef, Canadian goalkeeper Stephanie Rabe stopped Rafael’s attempt and was rushed over by teammates. Canada has won bronze medals in the past two Olympics.

Australia defeated Britain 4-3 in overtime in Kashima to enter the semi-finals for the first time. Matildas will face Sweden who defeated the host Japan Saitama 3-1.

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