Randy Gregory blames Jerry Jones for Dallas exit, calls Cowboys fans ‘toxic’

Randy Gregory spurned the Cowboys, and now he‘s pointing the finger at Dallas owner Jerry Jones for his peculiar exit.

Gregorya star outside linebacker, agreed to re-sign with the Cowboys in a move the team’s official Twitter account posted. But he then changed his tune before the deal became official and signed a five-year, $70 million contract with the Denver Broncos.

On Twitter, Gregory responded to a Cowboys fan, saying Jones acted in “bad faith.”

“Y’all opinions don’t pay my bills,” Gregory tweeted.

After an unverified Dallas fan responded, Gregory blamed Jones for the situation that saw him head to Denver. According to multiple reports, Gregory and the team had a dispute about the contract’s details after the verbal agreement.

“Nope, your owners acted in bad faith all free agency,” Gregory tweeted at the fan. “They’ve been awfully quiet lately huh? Wonder why lol. Can’t wait for you guys to ask them the same questions!”

He then responded to a fan, calling Cowboys fans “toxic.”

“Nah that’s your toxic fan base that believe I owe them something lol,” Gregory wrote.

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