Rand Paul says he will leave the big technology platform and start with YouTube

its. Rand Paul Said Monday he Will stop using large technology platforms and give up all of Google YouTube The first is the concern about online speech censorship.

“Today, I started to leave large technology companies, starting with YouTube, the worst reviewer,” the Kentucky Republican said in a statement. “As a liberal senator, I think private companies have the right to ban me if they want, but those of us who believe that truth comes from disputes and that the market of ideas is a prerequisite for innovation should avoid shutting down examiners and putting us The idea of ​​taking it elsewhere, this is exactly what I’m doing.”

gentlemen. PaulOffice says he The only exceptions are when videos are posted to YouTube to criticize video-based platforms or to direct people to YouTube’s competitor Rumble.

The rules and enforcement practices of technology platforms have attracted several well-known politicians and conservative instigators. In recent days, Twitter banned the personal account of Republican Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. Judicial Watch Chairman Tom Fitton stated that he was also subject to a similar ban from TikTok, a popular video platform with Chinese owners.

Ms. Green announced on Monday that Facebook had also suspended her position and posted a picture to Gettr showing that Facebook had banned her from posting or commenting within 24 hours. Facebook said it will not delete her account.

Politicians and public figures are not the only targets these companies are targeting. For example, YouTube Previously, the conservative One America News Network was suspended for allegedly violating the platform’s COVID-19 misinformation policy.

Technology companies have a variety of tools to review and shape the content on their platforms. These include banning people, deleting content, and enabling personal posts and videos to reach far fewer audiences than in other ways.

In 2021, when the current President Donald Trump was in office, several platforms launched a radical suppression of public figures, creating a flashpoint for the political right.

YouTube Mr. Ban Paul A week of video was released in August because the company stated that the senator violated its misinformation policy regarding the effectiveness of masks in preventing COVID-19. gentlemen. Paul The response stated that the YouTube ban was a “badge of honor” on Twitter and shared the banned video on Rumble.

gentlemen. PaulScraps with YouTube resulted in his Decided to make it public his Parted ways with the video platform on Monday.

“In the past year, YouTube has continued to wage a dangerous, anti-progressive scientific war on freedom of speech, choosing to act simultaneously with the government and banning Dr.’s videos. Paul This dare to contradict the position of the government,” the senator’s office said in a statement. “These videos include conversations with reporters. he Discussed the efficacy of masks, especially cloth masks, and a video explaining the scientific principle of why cloth masks do not work. “

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

gentlemen. Paul Also announced he Is creating a news aggregation site called Freetree.com, where he Post saying his The goal is to “eventually withdraw from large technology companies completely.”

gentlemen. Paul It is not the only politician seeking to create new places to share information. Mr. Trump announced that he is developing a new social platform, TRUTH Social, under the sponsorship of Trump Media and Technology Group. California Republican Representative Devin Nunes will serve as the CEO of the platform this year.

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