Radix announces the mainnet launch, representing an important milestone in the DeFi industry

BaseThe smart currency platform today announced the launch of the Radix Public Network (“Mainnet”). The “Olympia” version represents the next step in the future of frictionless finance on the planned roadmap. The deliberate steps have brought the world’s only “single sign-on compliance”. In the past 4 months, Radix’s token holders have increased by more than 400%, and the market value has increased by 81%.

Radix’s “Olympia” version is a generation of improvements in the history of decentralized ledger computing. Compared with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the execution efficiency has increased by more than 100 times. For Radix, this huge benefit is nothing new, because the agreement is often recognized by the entire industry for “solving the scalability trilemma better than anyone else.” Now, after successfully deploying the beta network in April, Radix is ​​known for consistently providing the world’s first roadmap-driven decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol and for speeding beyond other networks.

“We have never wavered our focus on the final game of DeFi, which is a frictionless world of financial applications with no barriers to competition,” Radix CEO said, Pierce Ridyard. “Achieving this goal requires a clear, roadmap-driven approach to protocol development and a deep understanding of how the traditional financial world works. Today’s DeFi battle is not at all relevant because the real opportunity is mainstream adoption.”

An example of Radix’s future-oriented development is Instagram pass, A powerful service that can achieve “one-click compliance” for any decentralized application (dApp). With Instapass, users will be able to provide the necessary information to meet regulatory requirements only once, and then share these credentials (with permission) to any dApp when necessary. Instapass will revolutionize dApp development by simplifying the process of integrating compliance functions, accelerating time to market and reducing corporate compliance risks.

The release of the Radix public network also represents the first opportunity for XRD token holders to earn rewards for contributing to network security through staking. Over 300 million tokens are rewarded to pledgers every year, and each transaction consumes tokens similar to EIP-1559. The well-known land boom among XRD token holders has begun to be fierce and fierce.

“Encryption is an economic revolution, and the Radix team understands this like anyone else,” Balder Bomans said that the partners Maven 11. “Smart currency is rapidly entering the field of encryption. As a platform for smart currency, Radix focuses on and executes the long-term game of DeFi. With the release of the mainnet, they are becoming legal participants in this field.”

About cardinality

Base It is the first layer 1 protocol built specifically for DeFi services. Radix is ​​”the first layer of DeFi is done correctly” because it is the only decentralized network in which developers can quickly build without the constant threat of attacks and hacking. Every improvement will be rewarded, and the scale It will never become a bottleneck.

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