Qualifying for NASCAR playoffs not enough for Tyler Redick’s team

ELKHART LAKE, Wisconsin — Tyler Redick finally has his first cup win and could have a place in the NASCAR playoffs.

He’s off the gas now.

Richard Childress Racer and his team have bigger goals than just qualifying for the playoffs.

“We talk about being title contenders, and I think we can. I really think when we get to the championship game, we’re going to be title contenders,” team owner Richard Childress said on Sunday. said after the game Redick’s victory on American roads.

In Redick’s 92nd career start, the team only won its first Cup title on Sunday, a strong statement. But Redick has come close enough before — five runners-up runners-up before he wins in the US road race — and holds the title as surprise driver of the year as NASCAR champion Kyle Larsen’s preseason rookie.

So here’s the buildup on the road to victory, and now Redick will try to bring his new momentum to the Atlanta Motor Speedway, where NASCAR will race this Sunday, and Redick was a contender in the spring until the crash later. .

Just a week before the U.S. road race, Redick admitted how frustrating it was to fail to achieve a breakthrough first cup win. As he struggled to take the next step, he kept driving his partner Alexa crazy.

“I would say I was in pain,” Redick said. “When I finished second, I didn’t think Alexa liked being around me. Yeah, second isn’t a bad place. But we’re here to win.”

His first win came on a course where he experienced a career low.

Redick recalls a disastrous performance 2018 US Road Xfinity Series This made him question his ability to be a driver at the highest level.

“Right here, things could go one of two ways,” Redick said. “It could have gone a way that I almost gave up…I don’t think I had it. But I had a lot of good people around me who believed in me and got me back where I needed to be and it’s been a lot better since then .

“It’s crazy that this is where I first won because four years ago this place made me question everything.”

The win shows just how far Redick has come as a road racer since the early days of his career.

“He said: ‘Man, I hate road racing. I’m not very good at it,'” recalls crew chief Randall Burnett. “He’s good at everything he does, so it’s a bit of a challenge for him.”

Burnett praised Redick for working tirelessly to make himself more comfortable on the road course.

“I think it’s a nice little cherry to let him know that he’s working hard in these places to be as good as he is,” Burnett said. “So I think his first real win in a road race is very special.”

Redick had more good days than bad in the Xfinity series, winning back-to-back Xfinity titles in 2018 and 2019 and earning the No. 8 Chevrolet seat for Childress. When he played in the cup, he was surprised by the big leap in the game.

“We were blown away by the reality of the cup race,” Redick said. “As a driver, I’ve had to learn a lot over the past three years in the Cup series.”

It also meant making sure he didn’t get too fidgety when he finished second, but figuring out how those experiences made him a better driver.Redick didn’t even blame him Bristol’s heartbreaking ending This year, when he was leading, until Chase Briscoe tried to slide past him, causing both of their cars to spin out of control. Kyle Busch all passed to win.

“Yeah, it’s a bit overwhelming for you, but I tried to look at it again, ‘How can I learn from this? How can I learn from Bristol?'” Redick said. “Yeah, I was wrecked, but I had a gap and I asked him to run me down and get there. I gave him a chance.”

Redick’s team makes sure that frustration never boils over. They all knew victory would come sooner or later.

“It’s not a question of whether he will do it, but when they will win,” Childress said. “That’s what we keep telling them.”

Now they are ready for more.

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