Qualcomm deal may be the cause of bad Windows on ARM laptops

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Let friends who own a Mac brag about the amazing speed of Apple’s new M-series chips, because when you have the freedom of choice, who needs fast performance? This is one of the benefits of buying a PC—or at least, it should be.

It turns out that Microsoft may have been restricting the hardware that powers certain Windows 11 laptops.according to XDA developers, Due to the exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm, ARM-based Windows devices use only one brand of processor.

Want Windows on ARM laptops without Qualcomm chips? Sorry, it does not exist. At least, not yet. Several people familiar with the matter told XDA that the agreement between these technology giants was “about to expire”, but did not give a specific timetable.

For most people, this news will make people shudder-it’s not like Windows on ARM laptops will fly off the shelf and will not be recommended by anyone who has used them.

But this may change.Once the exclusivity period expires, other chip manufacturers can try to use viable ARM PC chips, which should motivate those who recognize the advantages of the architecture, which provides advantages such as lower power consumption and better wireless integration. Apple’s new MacBook Pro Models equipped with fast M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs demonstrate the potential of ARM in providing record-breaking performance and durability. Windows on ARM, as long as it exists, is far behind.

This is certainly not due to lack of experimentation. Microsoft released ARM-based Windows in 2016, which can run 32-bit x86 applications through the emulator.A few years later, the company launched Surface Pro X, Surface Pro tablet version based on ARM, running on a customized version of Snapdragon 8cx SoC. It has been severely criticized for its high price and lack of features, as well as software compatibility issues.Microsoft recently solved the last problem 64-bit x84 emulation To Windows 11 (but abandoned plans to do so for Windows 10).

Qualcomm’s efforts are not enough to keep Windows away from aging x86 processors, but maybe another company will be more successful. One chip supplier that has been eager to try is MediaTek. Its CEO Rick Tsai said on an earnings call last month that he hopes the company’s processors can be used in future Windows 11 PCs. Rumor has it that Samsung will also launch a laptop running on its own ARM-based Exynos processor.

Even Mac users should be excited about the possibility of an ARM competition.As Mike Rumor Point out that the handshake between Microsoft and Qualcomm may be related to why you can’t use Windows 11 on the new ARM-based Mac. We don’t have much hope, but the expiration of this deal may remove an obstacle to installing the latest Windows on the latest Mac.

We have contacted Microsoft to confirm the details reported by the XDA developers, and if we receive a response, we will update this article.

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