Putin’s press conference is hard to sell

Grinch did not steal Christmas this year, but Russian President Vladimir Putin did his best to cast a shadow on our holiday spirit. Since 2001, Killjoy of the Kremlin has been holding his year-end press conference for twenty years.

His most recent exchange with the media was on December 23, demonstrating his consistent and impressive performance. This drama is certainly preferable to Stalin’s grotesque Soviet trial.

The Russian president persisted for more than four hours, suffering alone. Throughout the process, he showed impressive self-confidence and mastery of a large amount of specific information.

This communication is not entirely spontaneous, nor is it completely scripted. This is not a “show” press conference. Valuable insights into official thought have indeed emerged.

The meeting was held in person in a large hall in Moscow. Last year, the event was far away from the luxurious suburban estate Novo-Ogaryovo. Putin does not live like a worker.

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