Putin said after the Kazakh unrest that the Russian-led bloc will obstruct any coup

NUR-Sultan, Jan 10 (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that the unrest in Kazakhstan has been exploited by disruptive forces at home and abroad and that the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization military alliance will not allow it Other forces destabilize them.

He said the deployment of CSTO forces prevented armed groups from undermining Kazakhstan’s power base and would withdraw once their mission was completed.

These events are not the first and will not be the last attempts to intervene in the region, he said, and that the CSTO would not allow “color revolutions” to take place, referring to several decades of revolutions in Soviet countries over the past two decades . (Reporting by Tamara Vaal; Writing by Tom Balmforth; Editing by Andrew Osborn)

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