Putin makes nuclear threat to Ukraine. Is it empty?

Putin makes nuclear threat to Ukraine. Is it empty?

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine enters its third month, experts weigh in on the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine did not go as smoothly as military analysts had predicted.
  • Despite the unpredictability of Russia’s leadership, few see a significant risk of nuclear war.
  • Nuclear risk assessments rely primarily on public statements and official theories.

Of course even Vladimir Putin – destructive, isolated, determined to restore his vision of Russia’s greatness – wouldn’t use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, right?

The short answer is, Like many things about Putinwe don’t know — probably don’t.

The Russian president’s invasion of Ukraine was not as smooth or swift as many military analysts had predicted. Ukraine’s resistance to Russian troops exceeded expectations. The Pentagon said Moscow’s poor tactics from communications to supply-line coordination appeared to be holding back its progress. Arms from Western allies to Ukraine increases its chances of winning.

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