Public health expert Karl Lauterbach appoints German Minister of Health

German Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz has appointed Congressman and epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach as his Minister of Health. He issued a statement in the country’s response to the pandemic. Has made prominent warnings and vigorously advocated compulsory vaccination.

In the past year and a half, Lauterbach has become one of Germany’s most famous and trusted public health experts, and is known for its strong support for blockade measures to combat the spread of Covid-19.

He supports stricter restrictions on people who have not been vaccinated and called for the closure of all bars and clubs until the fourth wave of infections is over.

Lauterbach’s appointment coincided with the highest infection rate since the pandemic began. The German authorities have stated that they will introduce mandatory vaccination next year to solve the persistently low vaccination rate.

Schultz will be elected as prime minister by the Bundestag on Wednesday, which is nearly 11 weeks after his Social Democratic Party (SPD) won the national election by a narrow margin, which is the 16-year rule of Angela Merkel The curtain fell. He will lead an unprecedented tripartite alliance with the Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP).

The Liberal Democratic Party and the Green Party have announced their nominees for the cabinet position, and it is the turn of the Social Democratic Party on Monday. The Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party passed the 177-page alliance agreement between the three parties by an overwhelming majority over the weekend. The Green Party will announce the results of a member vote on the transaction later on Monday.

Lauterbach, who has been an adjunct professor of health policy at the Harvard School of Public Health since 2008, said that the United States will “win the battle against the pandemic, and we will prepare for a further pandemic.” He added that vaccination will “play a central role.”

When asked about the prospects for the Christmas period, he said that one of the main goals is to “reduce the number of cases to such an extent so that we can recommend travel without endangering people.”

After confirming Lauterbach’s appointment, Schultz said that the Germans wanted a Minister of Health, who was an expert in the field and could do the job.

Schultz appointed three women to lead the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Development. She said: “In this government, security will be in the hands of strong women.” This means that for the first time in German history, there will be female foreign ministers and defense ministers. Minister and Minister of the Interior.

Nancy Faeser, the lawyer who leads the Social Democratic Party in the southern state of Hessen, will become Germany’s first female interior minister, overseeing the federal police and domestic intelligence.

She told reporters that her focus will be on “combating right-wing extremism,” which she described as “the biggest threat currently facing our democratic system.”

The outgoing Attorney General Christine Lambrecht (Christine Lambrecht) will serve as Minister of Defense, while Klara Geywitz (Klara Geywitz), a member of the Social Democratic Party from the eastern state of Brandenburg, will serve as Minister of Construction.

Hubertus Heil will continue to serve as Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, and the outgoing Minister of Environment Svenja Schulze will be transferred to the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development responsible for overseas assistance.

Schultz’s close assistant, Wolfgang Schmidt, will become the chancellor of the exchequer—in fact, Schultz’s chief of staff.

The Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party have appointed their candidates for cabinet positions. Green co-leader Annalena Belbok will become Minister of Foreign Affairs, co-leader Robert Habeck will serve as Minister of Economy, and Liberal Democratic Party leader Christian Lindner will become Germany’s next Minister of Finance.

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