Prince William holds the future of the British monarchy


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Britain’s Prince William speaks during a visit to Hearts of Midlothian football club, watching a show called ‘The Dressing Room’ launched by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2018.


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LONDON (Reuters) – While almost all attention will be on next week as Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 70th anniversary this year, for those concerned about the future of the British monarchy, attention is turning to her grandson Prince William.

The British royal family has endured several years of pain, with the US filing a sexual abuse lawsuit against Elizabeth’s son Andrew and William’s brother Prince Harry, resigning to move to the US in 2020, and police investigating alleged misconduct at his son’s main charity and heir Prince Charles.

As the health of the popular 96-year-old queen is increasingly in the spotlight, forcing her to withdraw from public engagements, her platinum jubilee will mark a moment not only for her to reflect on the past, but to look to the future.

Most polls show that the majority of the British public supports the monarchy, and while his 73-year-old father is less prestigious, William – second in line to the throne – and his wife Kate are the most popular after the queen Royal member.

However, the survey also showed that those under 50 had far more conflicted attitudes to the agency.

“The future really depends on Prince William,” said Queen biographer Matthew Dennison. “And we all know that public opinion can be unfriendly.”

A decade ago, during Elizabeth’s then Diamond Jubilee celebrations, there was a notable moment when she was accompanied by Charles, his wife Camilla, William and his wife Kate and Harry from the balcony of Buckingham Palace Greet the crowd.

It reflects Charles’ long-standing plan to effectively shrink the monarchy to his immediate family when he becomes king.

But the sudden departure of Harry and his wife Meghan from the US has cost it all, putting more pressure on William, 39, and his young family to keep the institution alive while dealing with a rapidly changing society. long-term viability and popularity.

“The Last of the Mohicans”

“William is a key player because William will one day be king,” said Charles Ray, a former royal correspondent for The Sun. “Basically, he’s the last of the Mohicans. I think William has the future of the monarchy on his shoulders.”

William and Kate, 40, have received highly positive media coverage over the past five years as one of the world’s most glamorous couples with Hollywood star appeal. The prince has shaken off the “work-shy testament” nickname that British tabloids have given him over the past decade, when they suggested the couple were lazy.

“Honestly, I’ve had a lot of criticism throughout my life and I’m not going to completely ignore it, but it’s not something I’m totally taking to heart,” he said in a 2016 interview to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

William has also received plenty of praise for his work on mental health, homelessness and the environment, but the couple’s recent trip to the Caribbean was a wake-up call as they face protests and criticism of the British Empire’s past, with some trips echoing Colonial return.

In a highly unusual statement at the end of the visit, William said: “I know this tour raises sharper, focused questions about the past and the future.”

According to the Sunday Mirror, the visit prompted William and Kate to reconsider how the monarchy should be viewed, with the couple saying they wanted to be known by their names rather than their titles – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Know.

An unnamed source told the paper: “They want to avoid bowing and curtsey in public as much as possible, become more approachable, less formal, less formal and break with a lot of tradition and focus on the modern monarchy. .”

Miguel Hyde, who served as the prince’s key aide for a decade until 2018, said that while William did not like the ceremony, he understood its importance.

“When he gets the top job, he’s not going to give it up,” Hyde told the Sunday Times. “He noticed that the monarchy represented something eternal beyond all of us, and many loved its magic and drama.”

William accepts that the monarchy needs to move with the times to remain relevant, which is why the Queen is praised. In 2016, the prince called her the best role model for the job.

“The challenge for me is how to make the royal family work for the next 20 years, maybe 40 years, maybe 60 years… I hope that’s something I can do.”

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