Pride at the End of the World

Protesters wave pride flags in front of the Supreme Court a day after the Supreme Court rejected Roe v. Wade.

Protesters wave pride flags in front of the Supreme Court a day after the Supreme Court rejected Roe v. Wade.
photo: Roberto Schmidt/AFP (Getty Images)

I hesitated to come out.In 2020, I’m finally, finally starting to see my queerness from the cloudThe world is burning (still), suffering from a global pandemic (still), social unrest (still), and American fascism is gaining strength at a terrible rate (I repeat). The fact that I was suddenly going to start dating girls seemed like the least important news of the day.

I already have the most pressing issue of our time occupying most of my views: climate change.Two years ago, I was working full time from a nonprofit Climate advocacy for climate news. Each story makes us understand how terrible our planet is. Nothing seemed to recalibrate my presence at the time like understanding the scope of the climate crisis. I have never tried to see myself as a man fighting for the planet, fighting for climate justice. that road Cloudless.that identity used to be clear, unequivocally, Unmistakably.

It’s not that I’m reluctant to come out because I’m afraid or insecure. Frankly, I’m embarrassed that after growing up in a stereotypical liberal gay rights bubble, it took me so long to find out I’m queer.I celebrated the pride parade and watched birdcage Sing along to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” in my college dorm with my parents. My friends often joke that I don’t know anything about my hair and flannel collection – I roll my eyes, laugh with them, and finally admit that yes, they’ve always been right.

Given the cascading social and ecological disasters, I try to keep my coming out as small as possible as I struggle to think about how to think about the immeasurable scale of damage to our planet every day. I text some friends and say “it’s really not a big deal, but I might be gay, but seriously it’s not a big deal” while casually telling people that I have a girlfriend now and don’t want to get any more out of this news Much praise or recognition. Does the identity of my loved one really matter when the whole world is dying? My life is comfortable and privileged, and I am surrounded by a queer community that supports me even as I watch the world get warmer.

What is Doomsday Pride?

I used to be fascinated by the progress made by gay rights. I’ve grown up and remember being gay was a big deal in high school, but young enough to see a lot of friends, acquaintances and celebrities starting to show up. Friday 2015 Supreme Court in Obergefell v Hodges, After legalizing same-sex marriage, I took the train back to my home in Washington from Pride Weekend in New York and walked past rows of rainbow flags. There are victory signs on the windows near the Supreme Court. I was filled with exciting happiness, but only as a hidden man who called himself an “ally”. It’s a feeling of victory and end. Progress wins, this time forever.

Before I really understood the history of queer struggle, gay rights looked like a blockbuster success. Its wins within my lifetime seemed rapid, the graph of its trajectory always bullish. Climate action, by contrast, had always seemed so tragic and dire, always suffering a new setback. In my Obama-era liberal mind, I thought that now that we’d “won” the fight for equal rights, we should focus on the other stuff that mattered.

But victories have to be guarded, and there are always new fights to win. As I was attempting to make as little noise as possible about my own queerness, I saw through fresh eyes how renewed attacks on LGBTQ people and the legislative inaction enabling climate disaster were tactically similar. Right-wing misinformation and its perversion of scientific reality is like a cockroach: alarmingly adept at surviving attempts to kill it, scuttling away from sunlight only to re-emerge months later, stronger and somehow more evolved than before. It’s absurd, looking back, that I didn’t understand that the same forces that were stuffing climate deniers’ pockets would fund those same legislators’ attacks on queer people, among whom I would eventually count myself.

Dark money enables this entire web to thrive. These political donations can be difficult to trace, but enough of them have been connected to Charles and David Koch to paint them as perhaps the most prolific corporate funders of climate denial. Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the Core Christian Rights group Behind decades of attacks on the queer community, including today’s anti-transgender bill, took the money From the Donor Trust Funded by the Koch Brothers, Key figures in US climate denial. Fossil fuel funded groups such as legacy foundation and Texas Public Policy FoundationLong-term participants in the fight against climate legislation are accelerate anti-trans rhetoric Now.Member of the U.S. Legislative Council, a Koch-funded conservative group that disseminates conservative model legislation, including Anti-Pipeline Protest BillHave brag to peers about the success of their state’s anti-transgender bill.

Hypocrisy is as thick as spilled oil.David Koch voiced support for same-sex marriage before his death in 2019 – but he hundreds of thousands of dollars During his lifetime, gay politicians such as former Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Both men oppose same-sex marriage and raise water for the fossil fuel industry. Koch’s dying guilt is of no use to me.

Over the past two years, as I’ve continued to fall in and out of gay love, unravel those rat nests that have kept me in the closet for so long, and test the boundaries of my own gender identity, I’ve watched The right-wing escalating movement to make gender and sexuality the new cultural battleground.One Historical Number of Anti-LGBTQ Billsmost of them targeting transgender people, appeared in state capitols across the country in the first few months of this year alone, continuing Trends over the years Escalating legislative attacks. Instead of what I think liberalism ultimately “wins”, The turning point for many of this new hatred is Oberfer: Sharp increase following anti-trans laws.As the judicial environment has changed, so have the goals, from refusing marriage to bathroom bills to healthNursing ban; but attacks have been on the rise.

You can say this now about climate, queer identity, voting rights, reproductive health, or any number of life-or-death issues: conservative forces have been in a protracted assault on our rights, activating the allies they have installed in the Supreme Court And continue to delay any meaningful legislative progress across the judiciary. Some of the biggest financial allies of the politicians who created the climate crisis are the big businesses that pretended to be allies during the pride period.It’s not surprising Chevron and other oil companies cash in rainbow colors Goodwill every June while funding anti-LGBTQ politicians to do their dirty work in Washington.

The Friday before this year’s NYC Pride weekend feels like a scary, twisted inverse Oberfercourt dismissed Roe v Wade. In his view, Justice Clarence Thomas clear How this assault on reproductive health ties into the right’s larger political ambitions about gender and sexuality makes it clear he wants to see Oberfer and Lawrence v.Texas (this makes Sodomy Laws) are reconsidered next. The Supreme Court has opened the door to reproductive health care and access legislation for state lawmakers who are relentlessly attacking trans youth’s access to health care. In both cases, the ultimate goal is to reinforce gender roles and deprive people of their freedom to live the lives they want and deserve in their real bodies.

days after pridethe same court ordered Ruling in favor of polluters exist West Virginia and EPA. This is another clear blow to the world we can have, where people are free to be happy and healthy. Anti-climate corporate interests, joining a long-standing pact with family-valued white supremacist Republicans, got what they paid for this term, and then some.

I can’t see now climate fight My queer identities are separated from each other like taking a green stripe out of a rainbow looks silly. My personal existence as a queer person and our collective existence are tied together by the same dark forces trying to destroy freedom And the liberation of my loved ones depends on our collective liberation from these forces.

The embarrassment I feel coming out is just an extension of the closet itself – one built by the same wealthy interests that suppress climate action. If the tough Pride months of the past have taught me anything, it’s that having this identity — and knowing the forces that go against it — is one of the only ways to fight back.

it feels unique bad Still alive, I’m not sure how it got better. But what I’ve learned is that facing the full reality of the challenges we face, like you, is the best weapon we have.Some of my happiest queer moments are simple together, like snoozing quietly with a partner in the early morning, or dancing in a club that is only for other gays.In the midst of the climate crisis, I feel most hopeful not to watch politicians make promises or businesses issue endless greenery issues Commitment, but stand with the people who are taking action, even though — especially because — they understand how dire our predicament is.

Queer’s continued existence is a miracle People wake up every day knowing that we are destroying our planet, but choose to fight for the world that will survive. The ongoing battle against racism and the fascist prison state, immigration justice, voting rights, reproductive rights – all a miracle in the face of the wealthy power of the opposition. I don’t know how we continue to do this, but we do and we should celebrate every day.

I hope you’ve found some joy in this year’s Pride after reading this, but I also hope you’ve found the collective spirit in which we continue to fight because at the beginning of it all, the first Pride was a riot. I hope you can find people who have made living in the climate crisis more bearable, despite the unbearable reality. I want you to be proud of yourself in a way that allows you to use your power to the fullest. I hope you find identity and community. They are our all.

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