Postponed the launch of a new NASA space telescope after the incident

BERLIN (AP)-The European Space Agency said that the launch of NASA’s new telescope, which replaced the famous Hubble Observatory, was postponed to allow experts to inspect the equipment for possible damage after an accident at the French Guiana spaceport.

ESA said in a statement late Monday that technicians had been preparing to connect the James Webb Space Telescope to the launch vehicle adapter, but a clamp suddenly loosened and shook the sophisticated observatory.

“The anomaly review committee led by NASA was immediately called to investigate and conducted additional tests to determine that the incident did not damage any components,” ESA said. “NASA and its mission partners will provide an update after completing the test this weekend.”

ESA stated that the telescope will now be launched on the Ariane 5 rocket no earlier than December 22, four days after the originally planned launch date of December 18.

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