Pope Francis to young people: we need you to protect the environment

Vatican City (Associated Press)- Francis On Sunday praised young people for their efforts to protect the earth’s environment and told them to “become social critics.”

Francis Mass is held in St. Peter’s Basilica with hundreds of young faithful to commemorate the Church Days of young people from parishes around the world.

The Pope said: “You have been given an exciting but also challenging task. You have to come forward when everything around us seems to be collapsing.”

Francis Expressed gratitude to “all those who cultivate the dream of the Brotherhood, work hard to heal the wounds created by God, work hard to ensure respect for the dignity of the disadvantaged and spread the spirit of unity and sharing.”

he Note that many young people criticize environmental pollution.

“We need this,” Francis Said.

The Pope said that in a world that “only considers immediate interests and tends to stifle grand ideals, you have not lost the ability to dream.”

“Free and true, become the conscience of social criticism,” Francis Advise young people.

Social justice and caring for the environment are key messages his Pope.

The Pope is expected to meet young people from all over the world at the Catholic Church event in Lisbon, Portugal in August 2023.

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