Polyient market, Ronaldinho’s price drop, and “amazing” $4,800 NFT sales…

Investment company and development studio Polyient launched an NFT market with decentralized finance (DeFi) functions.

The market called “PolyientX” will be released in beta on Ethereum in August and will be officially released sometime in the fall. The first release will use Ape In’s NFT, an NFT collectible game that supports DeFi, and Rate Network, a decentralized NFT pricing and rating protocol.

According to Polyient, users can put their NFT in the vault to get rewards, describing it as “a unique fee-sharing mechanism where users, rather than corporate stakeholders, are the beneficiaries of trading activities on the platform.”

There is also a new method of token issuance, called “Initial Vault Sale” (IVS), which enables projects to use the NFT assets of their supporters to “mint and distribute utility and governance tokens, reward market participation and build a sustainable economy .”

Ronaldinho based on blockchain

Global football icon Ronaldinho is cooperating with creative studio INFLUXO to launch a new NFT series.

The former Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and AC Milan star joined a long list of star athletes and entered the NFT field such as boxers Tyson Fury, NFL player Rob Gronkowski and Patrick MahomsAnd skateboard icon Tony Hawk.

NFT is Sell Among the two different drops, the first has seven unique “masterpieces” NFTs, depicting animated works at key moments in Ronaldinho’s career.

The minimum bid for the auction is $10,000, and NFT will provide a private party and dinner with Ronaldinho in Dubai, a round-trip ticket and two-day accommodation in a five-star hotel. It is unclear whether Ronaldinho will create a storm, or whether dinner will be held in the restaurant.

The second batch of “Sports Legend Card NFT” includes a set of six collection cards, which users can purchase at an unspecified price. They will airdrop an NFT card that comes with the series. If they collect all 6 NFTs plus the airdropped tokens, they will have a chance to win the “Dubai Experience” from Masterpiece NFT.

This promotion will be carried out on the launch date of INFLUXO and NFT read “coming soon.”

Animoca Brands acquires pufferfish

optimal NFT game and real estate developer Animoca Brands (F1 Delta Time, The Sandbox) acquired independent game developer Blowfish Studios for approximately US$6.6 million. The acquisition also includes payment of approximately $19.2 million for conditional employment and performance targets.

Animoka production The announcement was released on July 29 and stated that it will work closely with Blowfish to “coordinate integration with blockchain, fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFT), game earning capabilities, collaboration opportunities, and product launches. relevant job. “

Blowfish is a Sydney-based company founded in 2010 by Benjamin Lee, a veteran in the computer software and 3D graphics industry, and Aaron Grove, an award-winning visual effects supervisor.

The company has released a number of multi-platform games, such as “Qbism, Siegecraft, Morphite, Projection: First Light and Storm Boy”.

Xiao Yi, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, said: “Animoca Brands is very happy to welcome Blowfish. This team has greatly expanded our capabilities in the field of cross-platform games and has a strong interest and understanding of blockchain.”.

Vitalik registered the NFT platform supported by Mark Cuban

The NFT platform “AlchemyNFT” announced a round of US$6 million in financing on July 29.It received Crypto.com Capital, Framework Ventures, Mechanism and billionaire entrepreneurs (and DeFi carpet victims) Mark Cuban.

The funds will be used for a new project called “AutographNFT”, which can use social network IDs to sign unique digital assets, such as NFTs.According to Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin is one of them First Digitally sign his autograph when the beta version of the project is released.

Alchemist NFT: autographnft.io

The AutographNFT platform enables NFT creators to find popular “Twitter verification” figures and provide them with funds to sign NFTs. The platform allows signers to choose to donate all or part of their “signature” proceeds to charities, such as “Save the Children.”

according to Checklist In the “Alchemist” NFT, Buterin received 0.1 ETH, worth about $243, to sign the NFT.

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The publicist claims that the $4,800 in NFT sales is an “astounding” amount

The content published by the public relations media is often full of exaggerated jargon and exaggerated exaggeration, which paints a very beautiful picture.

But we have to laugh at the PR on July 28 announcement From Kinahan’s whisky company, the sale of NFT at a price of $4,800 is described as an “amazing” amount.

“After Lewis Hamilton’s thrilling victory at the British Grand Prix, Kinahan’s branded 3D formula car was sold to NFT collectors for a staggering $4,800,” the announcement panted.

Although this may be exciting news for Irish whiskey companies, they may not realize that NFTs of questionable value are sold at higher prices. Cointelegraph reported in February Lindsay Lohan sold an NFT Get an even more earth-shattering $15,000 on Rarible. And there are rumors that someone named Beeple or Bongo whipped the NFT for $69 million.

“This NFT is the first in the whisky industry. Please pay attention to the precious word “first.” There are many models of McLaren, but if you have the first one, you have a piece of history,” the announcement read.

round up

Cointelegraph reported on July 28 that the multinational beverage giant Coca-Cola is entering the NFT market.

The company will hold a three-day auction on OpenSea for the NFT depicting this famous beverage, and the proceeds will be used to raise funds for the Special Olympics International Games.

Earlier this week, after the non-fungible token (NFT) project called “Stoner Cats” created by actress Mila Kunis, tokenized cats once again caused chaos on the Ethereum network Sold out in 35 minutes.

The first drop of the project totaled 10,420 NFTs, and the activity on Ethereum increased the Gas price to 709 Gwei ($33.67) for fast transactions.