Polish Prime Minister defends the European Populist Conference

Warsaw, Poland (AP)-Prime Minister of Poland Mateus Morawiczki In defense of the recent European Populist Leaders’ Meeting on Monday, said Poland What are you looking for allies to challenge he Known as “Centralized Europe”.

Moravitski Respond to criticism of the meeting in Warsaw on Saturday PolandThe ruling conservative Law and Justice Party. Far-right politicians including Marlene Le Pen of France and Santiago Abbascal of Spain’s Vox Party also participated in the meeting.

Speaking of the many tensions between the Polish government and the EU’s governing bodies, Moravitski Said at the press conference Poland Being treated unfairly and “lightly hit”. he Said he We are “seeking allies in this struggle against federalized Europe and against centralized Europe.”

But Moravitsky keeps his distance from Le Pen’s comments PolandRzeczpospolita daily.she says PolandNeighbors “Ukraine belongs to Russia’s sphere of influence.” These comments violate the basic principles PolandForeign and security policy, which Poland Promote and support Kiev’s desire to join the European Union.

“We don’t need to agree on everything… We can disagree on many things, such as in this case,” Moravitski Said, and added that not all Westerners have to understand the situation in Eastern Europe.

Opposition Senator Krzysztof Brejza described Le Pen’s remarks as “shameful” and “shameful” and called for Moravitski Come and condemn them.

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