Police find monkey fleeing after Pennsylvania car crash

One of the missing monkeys.

One of the missing monkeys.
Photo: Courtesy Pennsylvania State Police

Pennsylvania State Police are searching an area near Danville Look for three high-profile themes in the mid-state on Friday and Saturday. The authorities are clear: the public must not try to find or approach the fleeing objects.This is not a case of dangerous criminals getting away with impunity, but three people monkey.

The search began on Friday with a trailer carrying 100 cynomolgus monkeys from Mauritius On the way Went to a research lab for a collision with a 2019 Dodge Ram pickup. This Pennsylvania State Police Say After the initial impact, the truck fell off the trailer it was pulling, which contained the monkeys.Three monkeys released from trailer Police said it was due to the crash.

The driver of the tow truck suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the Dodge Ram was not injured.

Authorities did not take it lightly. They were helped by the Liberty Valley Fire Department, the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, among others. as said protector, the soldiers searched for monkeys with rifles and called for help from helicopters. Meanwhile, firefighters used thermal imaging technology to locate the monkeys.

By Saturday morning, two monkeys had been found.As authorities search for remaining monkey, they urged the public not to approach it.

“Another monkey is missing, but we ask that no one is trying to find or capture this animal,” State Troopers Andrea Pelachik and Lauren Lesser said in their statement. joint twitter account. “Anyone who sees or finds the monkey is asked not to approach, attempt to capture or touch the monkey. Please call 911 immediately.”

according to Associated Press, authorities told people not to approach the monkeys because they are not domesticated animals and are in uncharted territory. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how they will react in the presence of humans.

Police later released photos of the escaped monkey. It is unclear if the photos are of the elusive third remaining monkey, or one of two others already in custody.

later in the day, Pelachick and Lesher reported that all monkeys were Take up, although some of them had an unfortunate end.Associated Press report Three monkeys died after being humanely euthanized. It is unclear whether the monkeys that were put down were the ones that escaped.

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