Pokémon Gengar Chair, Figuarts Mando Luke

Super7's Ultimate TMNT Party Wagon, Pokémon Company's Gengar Chair and Bandai's SH Figuarts Mandalorian Luke Skywalker

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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s weekly excuse to sit in a Gengar-shaped chair and read the latest toys and Commodity news. Without Gengarmchair, would you complain? Well, good news: this is your week!Especially if you also like Mandalorian Toys, expensive tortoise cars, etc. check it out!

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SH Figuarts Mandalorian Luke Skywalker and Moff Gideon

Previewd as part of Tamashii Nation 2021 oOnline andvent, MandalorianThe presence Star wars The Figuarts series is gaining a major boost in one form, but two Character not in beskar armor!Fortunately, even one of them is still as armored as Bandai’s favorite 90%Ceremony selection Star wars The most recent number. Of course, that armor option is Moff Gideon, who will be equipped with a dark sword, blaster pistol, and articulated material cloak.He was joined by Luke Skywalker, because he appeared in this season’s shocking climate scene, wearing a hood, similar Articulated cloak, updated head sculpture representing Luke in Mandalorian, And of course his lightsaber, equipped with action-effect blades to depict its movement.No details on more accessories, pricing or release windows are provided for these numbers, but they are expected to drop Sometime in 2022.[[[[Whirr]

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Lego Panther, Wolverine and Iron Man Mech

This is not Lego’s first Wolverine minifigure, but this time, this cunning Marvel hero is upgrading a robotic mech, which includes some of the largest vajra claws we’ve seen. 141 pcs Wolverine Mecha The set is made up of 124 pieces Panther Mecha Armor One set and one 130 pieces Iron Man Mech put; Starting from January 1 next year, each of these three products will be priced at $10.

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Super7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Edition!Party car

Kawabenga! Or should we say, Guardian’s, Because Super7 finally gave its Ultimates!-scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles depict a perfect ride with matching scales Party car from. Over 20 Inches long and one foot wide, this car can actually hold six Ultimates!-scale figures, including all the features and accessories it made in the classic TMNT animation series. The door opens, the windshield opens, the roof opens, and a side door swings outward as a “foot softener”. The oversized tires are all real rubber. In addition to bombs and weapons, the Party Wagon even has a winch with a real steel chain. This helps explain why this thing is 450 dollars. phosphorusReorder is Free now, But the shipping cost is Doesn’t happen until fThroughout 2022.

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Star wars Life Day Plush Chubacca

Once upon a time, Lucasfilm went to great lengths to bury it, not only Star Wars Holiday Special, But any indication of an event made for television Even exists. You still can’t find it on any streaming service (though it’s not difficult to find a copy online), But Disney has decided that this special show is not all bad, and is taking advantage of its characteristic Life Day celebrations and an official unofficial holiday-November 17th-and New life day merchandise. All this is as memorable as a holiday special, but this is 23 dollars Life Day plush Chewbacca Stand out with a face worthy of becoming a meme.

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Lego Iron Man Doll

It has been more than two years since Iron Man was killed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (spoiler warning: if you haven’t read it yet, please don’t read what you just read Avengers: Endgame), But given Disney’s seemingly endless Iron Man marketing push, you wouldn’t know that this character has disappeared.We still have countless numbers, the emergence of video games, and now Nine inches can be assembled with Lego models Arrived on January 1st, priced at $40This set of 381 pieces produced a figure with a lot of joints, but its biggest feature is the curved reactor on Stark’s chest, which glows due to the implanted LED Lego bricks. On the back of Iron Man.

DinoGlows: A reversible soft toy dinosaur that glows in the dark!

Everything we know about dinosaurs comes from fossils and is as exciting as the prospect of visiting real life one day Jurassic Park It may be that seeing towering dinosaur bones in a museum is still a fascinating experience for all ages.womantudios may have just launched the perfect museum gift shop souvenir Dinosaur Light: A plush dinosaur toy, turned inside out, revealing that an anatomically correct plush toy can be a luminous skeleton version of the same dinosaur.This is another clever way Dive some learning into game time, Triceratops version can be pre-ordered through the following ways Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign The promise is $35, and it is expected to ship in April 2022 at the earliest. The current event is a few thousand dollars less than its $12,000 funding goal, but if it exceeds this goal, Stegosaurus DinoGlow will add $18,000 and T.rex to $24,000.

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Pokémon Life-size plush Lucario

If you love Pokémon Although you hate clean living space, now you can add a Life-size Lucario To your plush pocket monster series. Lucario is about four feet tall and seems to have basic mobility, which seems to be limited to the rotation of its arms around the shoulders.With the help of the Pokémon’s tail, it can stand on its two feet while at the same time Pre-order will be available The $400 collectibles will not actually arrive until December 16th, until late May 2022, and will only arrive in Japan, unless you find a way to import them into your country.

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Pokémon Geng Ghost Sofa

We began to suspect that Pokémon might pay attention to IKEA, because following the furniture based on Ditto and Snorlax, tired trainers are now available here Geng Geng sofa It was stuffed with a mixture of polystyrene beads and polyurethane foam.In other words, it will swallow you like a beanbag chair, but only if you Whether in Japan And are willing to spend about $230, or you can find someone willing to ship it outside of Japan, which may end up costing you more than $230.

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