Playoffs: Alabama vs. Cincinnati, Michigan vs. Georgia

Irvine, Texas-Cincinnati will face Alabama on New Year’s Eve, and Michigan will face Georgia on New Year’s Eve, due to the historic four-a-side court being set up on Sunday and being selected for college football season After the playoffs.

The fourth seed Cincinnati became the first team to break through the glass ceiling of college football and reach the CFP from the non-top five conference. The Bearcats (13-0) won the American Games and entered the playoffs as the country’s only undefeated team.

Previously, none of the so-called Group of Five teams was close to entering the playoffs. There are no two UCF teams that remained unbeaten in the 2017 and 18 regular seasons, and there was no Cincinnati last year, which was only enough to make the Peach Bowl bid against Georgia.

“All year, we tried to avoid saying that we were holding the flag (for teams outside the top five),” Cincinnati coach Luke Fickel said on ESPN. “I think you might get lost in a lot of what is happening.”

The Pandas made history with little controversy. The chairman of the playoff selection committee, Garibalta, said that Cincinnati had a strong consensus of fourth place before the fifth-ranked Notre Dame, who lost only one game at home against the Pandas in early October. Ohio State University won sixth place.

If things were different in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, the Bearcats might not be so comfortable on the court. Oklahoma State University, ranked No. 5 in the CFP rankings entering the game, was only a few inches away from a go-ahead touchdown in the final minute against Baylor.

With Baylor standing on the goal line, the Pandas are in a clear position after Cincinnati took care of Houston in the AAC Championship.

On Sunday, it became official. This is the third time two teams from the same conference have participated in the CFP, and the second time it took place at the SEC. In the 2017 playoffs, Alabama defeated Georgia in overtime to win the national championship.

The remaining final rankings of the committee and the other four New Year’s Six Bowl games will be announced later on Sunday. The semi-final winner will compete in the National Championship in Indianapolis on January 10.

Cincinnati’s reward will be a matchup with the defending national champion in the Cotton Bowl.

“Of course we think Cincinnati is in the playoffs,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said on ESPN.

In Saturday’s Southeastern League Championship Game, after Georgia lost for the first time this season, the Crimson Tide team entered the playoffs for the seventh time in the eight-year history of the playoffs.

Alabama (12-1) seems to be eliminated in the game against Georgia. Instead, Bryce Young and Tide ignited the defense that the Bulldogs are proud of and won the top seed.

“Not only did Alabama beat Georgia, but the way they beat them – they controlled the game almost from start to finish,” Bata said.

Balta said the committee did not consider avoiding a rematch between the tide and the Bulldogs in the first round when planting seeds for the team.

Since 2009, Nick Saban’s Alabama dynasty has won three playoff titles and three BCS titles.

Georgia (12-1) remained on the court as the third seed, becoming the second team to lose the Divisional Championship and enter the playoffs. Notre Dame de Paris did the same thing last season, when it lost the rematch with Clemson in the only season of the Atlantic Coast Conference, which was caused by the pandemic that changed the schedule.

When the Bulldogs will meet the second seed Michigan (12-1) in the Orange Bowl, they will participate in the CFP game for the second time. Head coach Jim Harper and the Wolverines have entered the playoffs for the first time since they won the top ten league championships for the first time since 2004. Michigan, with a record of 2-4 last season, was also the first team to break into the playoffs after being unnamed in the playoffs. Top 25 in the preseason AP.

This will be the first game of these two historic events-since 1965, no team in the history of college football has won more games than Michigan. The Bulldogs defeated the Wolverines 15-7 in the big house.

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