Plane crash killed 2 people and burned down houses near California

Santee, California (Associated Press)-According to recordings, a twin-engine plane killed at least two people and caused extensive damage in the suburbs of San Diego. After warnings that it was flying low and dangerous, it swooped in. land.

Just after noon on Monday, the Cessna 340 crashed into a UPS truck, killing the driver, and then crashed into a house in Santi, a suburb of 50,000 people. It is believed that the pilot was also dead, and at least two people were injured on the ground. One of the women was rescued by a neighbor from the window of a burning house.

According to a tweet from the agency, an investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board is expected to arrive at the scene on Tuesday morning.

The plane was about to land at the Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport in San Diego when it crashed. Not long ago, when the plane was about half a mile away from the runway, an air traffic controller warned the pilot that the plane was too low.

“Alert for low altitude, climb immediately, climb the aircraft,” the controller told the pilot via audio obtained by KSWB-TV.

The controller repeatedly urged the aircraft to climb to 5,000 feet and warned when it remained at 1,500 feet: “You seem to be descending again, sir.”

ABC’s affiliate KGTV-TV released a video that the TV station said it had received from viewers showing the aircraft drew an arc in the sky and then crashed into the vicinity in a burst of flames.

The plane is owned by Dr. Sugata Das, who may have been flying the plane and was killed in the crash.

The chief medical officer of the hospital said he works at the Yuma Regional Medical Center in Arizona.

According to the website of a non-profit organization for which he serves as a director, Das is a licensed pilot who lives in San Diego and travels to and from Yuma. He left behind two young sons.

United Parcel Service of America Inc. confirmed the death of one of its workers, but the employee’s name was not immediately released.

People a block away from the scene said their houses were shaken by the thunderous impact.

The neighbors ran to help and helped rescue a 70-year-old couple from a burning house.

43-year-old Michael Keeley ran outside barefoot and saw flames engulf a UPS truck and a house on the corner. He and two neighbors in the burning house called through the open window.

Smoke billowed inside the house, and the roof was licked by flames. Keeley reached out and grabbed a woman’s arm from the window to help her climb out. He said that her forearm was burned and her hair was scorched.

“I’m glad I don’t have to go in barefoot,” Probation Officer Keely said.

At the same time, other neighbors tore down the couple’s fence and rescued the woman’s husband from the backyard.

Keely said that after the couple fled to the sidewalk, the woman begged to help her dog, which is believed to be at home.

“She kept saying,’My puppy, my puppy,'” he said.

But after a while, there was an explosion inside the house. The team helped the couple walk a safe distance until the paramedics arrived.

30-year-old Andrew Pelloth lives across the street from the couple. He was working at home when he heard the buzz and then the loud roar.

“My initial thought was that this was a meteorite falling,” he said. “I can hear the sound of it falling, and then some kind of explosion.”

Pelloth looked outside and saw that the UPS truck was on fire. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and, together with other neighbors, pulled the plank from the couple’s fence to rescue the woman’s husband.

Erik Huppert, 57, ran down to help after his house was shaken. He said he saw the man walking in the backyard after they pulled down the plank.

“Both of them are definitely in shock, but at least they are still alive,” said Yupel, the military contractor.

Pelosi said there was no one in the other destroyed house, which was sold only a month ago.


Associated Press writers Elliot Spagat in San Diego and Christopher Weber in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

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