Pixar Movies Weak at the Box Office

Buzz Lightyear, in the movie of the same name, uses his wrist communicator.

picture: Disney/Pixar

It’s been a while since we’ve had multiple big-budget blockbusters all vying for space in a single weekend, but here’s what we’re getting now light years Published.This Toy Story A semi-derivative that puts Chris Evans in a Space Ranger’s spacesuit has already started with Jurassic world domination and Top Gun: Maverick, It appeared in its box office debut.

Although it got solid critics and audiences Commentary, the Pixar film fell short of its original global estimate of $135 million.Every deadlinethe film grossed $86 million worldwide, type report it just made $51 million in North America.It is worth noting that light years First Pixar movie to be released in two years after 2020 forward; turn red Got bumped into Disney+ when it debuted in March, and both Luca and soul Go straight to streaming during their respective releases.At this point, people may have been thinking that you go to stream a Pixar movie, or maybe the movie as a Toy Story Card.Either way, it will be interesting to see how it lives on in theaters and movies Greater Pixar Pantheon.

as for its competition, rule No. 1 for the second weekend in a row. Even with a 60% drop in the U.S., Universal’s Dinosaur trilogy crossed the $500 million mark on Friday, taking its global total to $622.2 million.Deadline report says rule now defeated Free man became the third-largest Hollywood movie of the pandemic.and maverick It has now grossed $885.2 million, continuing its record as the highest-grossing film of Tom Cruise’s career. If all things said and done, it’s no surprise that it ended up making over a billion.while at the same time light years There are some challengers ahead, and its biggest rival will start with Minions: Rise of Gru, Released July 1st. Illumination’s yellow demon made more than $1 billion in 2015 when its first spinoff movie came out, and the movie could end up getting even bigger, especially if the studio is about to release a trailer Mario The movie attached to it.

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