Pirates win despite missing two Reds pitchers

PITTSBURGH — Reds starter Hunter Green and backup Art Warren allowed zero hits in a full game, but it didn’t count as a no-hitter — or even a win — because of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ bottom Barely finished the game. Eighth inning with a 1-0 win on Sunday.

It was the sixth time in major league history since 1901 that a team has won without a hit. The last time it happened was in 2008, when the Angels’ Jared Weaver and Jose Arredondo lost while keeping the Dodgers safe.

Under MLB’s record-keeping rules, Cincinnati’s achievement wasn’t an official no-hitter because its pitchers didn’t hit at least nine innings. In a season where almost everything has gone wrong for the Reds, that must be the most important thing.

Green, the prized Reds rookie, was pulled after a one-on-one out in the eighth inning. He threw 118 pitches, the most by a major league pitcher this year.

Warren took Ben Gamer to base, and Kay Brian Hayes was forced out of the run to score in the only run.

The Cincinnati hitters followed suit in Game 9, and that was at PNC Park — the Reds didn’t celebrate, their worst record in the majors.

There are two no-hitters in the majors this season. Angels rookie Reid Detmers threw a pitch in Tampa Bay last Tuesday, and five Mets pitchers combined to keep Philadelphia injury-free last week.

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