Pinterest co-founder joins Jony Ive’s new design company

Co-founder and design lead of Pinterest Evan Sharp Is exiting the operating responsibilities of the San Francisco Social Media Group to join Sir Jony Ive’s new company, LoveFrom.

Sharp is joining LoveFrom, a small but growing team of designers, which I founded after leaving his long-term role Apple’s top designer In 2019.

Sharp founded Pinterest with the company’s CEO Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra, who left in 2012. He was the chief design and creative officer and helped launch an online scrapbook and image search platform more than ten years ago.

He will remain on Pinterest’s board and continue to serve as the company’s “consultant role” Said Thursday.

“What job can compete with the leading Pinterest? No,” Sharp wrote in an internal memo to Pinterest employees.

“But when I think about how to create a life I like, I know one thing: I really, really want to grow as a designer and product manufacturer. This is how I decided to collaborate with LoveFrom’s designer Jony Ive The reason. For me, the opportunity to learn with their best craftsman is a huge opportunity.”

His departure comes after a difficult year for Pinterest. Pinterest is facing criticism of its internal culture and is also struggling to take advantage of the pandemic-driven growth in online activity, which has pushed up its stock price. Social media competitors.

After the close on Wednesday, Pinterest’s market capitalization was 33 billion U.S. dollars, and investors’ valuation of Pinterest was much lower than its peers Twitter (50 billion U.S. dollars) and Snap (currently valued at 118 billion U.S. dollars).

Since the beginning of 2021, Pinterest’s stock price has fallen by nearly a quarter, after the previous July earnings report showed that user growth was lower than Wall Street’s expectations. Although its revenue more than doubled year-on-year in the three months to June, the 5% drop in monthly active users in the United States worries investors, and its market value has evaporated by approximately US$8 billion in one day.

The San Francisco-based company is also embroiled in accusations of gender discrimination. In December of last year, it paid $22.5 million to settle the lawsuit filed by former executive Françoise Brougher. As part of the settlement, Pinterest did not admit any wrongdoing.

More than two years after Ive announced his departure from Apple, LoveFrom has begun revealing more information about its plans in recent weeks. Ive and his long-time collaborator Marc Newson have poached several designers from Apple, including Chris Wilson and Eugene Whang.

Last month, LoveFrom signed a copy Processing Exor, Ferrari’s parent company, because the supercar manufacturer is developing its first electric car. Ive also revealed that he is working with the Emerson Collective of billionaire philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, which invests in education, immigration and climate change.

This week, LoveFrom launched its website, which contains custom fonts developed in the past two years Peter SavilleThe British graphic designer gained fame in the late 1970s and 1980s when the Manchester band Joy Division and New Order produced album covers.

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