Picard season 3 cast features secret next-gen Star Trek cast

There is a large picard sign in front of Stewart.

gentlemen. Patrick Stewart at the UK premiere of Picard 2020.
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we already know The third and final season Star Trek: Picard will be great. first, Season 2 finale hits fans and A pile of looming stories.Then TonThis is all-important Knowledge several members of next generation throw is returning for the final season, Plays more than just cameos. But, of course, That’s it. Of course, no more.Apart from YesThis is. it is, There you can.

on top disgraceful hiker podcastcurrent Picard Host Terry Matalas goes all out teasing mode.It’s what he’s been doing Since the big reveal about the returning actor, but in this interview, he teases more, including Role Not yet announced. “Some people from Star Trek Who’s back this season and who’s not next generation [primary] actor,” Matalas said. “I mean there is a character in next generation Who am I…I really want this character to come back. when they do [agree to return], which is more exciting than everything else. “

Who will it be?If this was two months ago, maybe you’d say someone like Wil Wheaton Wesley Crusherbut we all know He has returned in the second season finale. So who can go beyond what has yet to be announced?with whom trek that is not next generation can he say? Let us know what you think the following.

TonHis interviews go deeper than those The main tease. Matalas talks about how he persuaded certain people actor Coming back, we might see some familiar places, and The entire 3rd season. He do not see it as the conclusion of a chapter Star Trekbut more a start. “Season 3 is very much about passing the torch from one generation to the next,” he said. “I love the moment when old Bones walks around the business with data [in “Encounter at Farpoint”]. I love when Spock is on the court [in “Unification”] And had that arc with Picard. When this happens, the tapestry feels much richer. I think there is an opportunity to tell the story of the next generation intersecting with the previous generation. “

One thing Mataras didn’t discuss is when fans might finally see Star Trek: Picard Season 3. “It’s out of my pay grade,” he said, “I don’t know.” We guess next year.

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