Pfizer increased Covid vaccine sales expectations by nearly a third to $33 billion

Pfizer update

Pfizer raised its full-year revenue forecast for the coronavirus vaccine by nearly a third, after the vaccine helped the drugmaker almost double its sales in the second quarter.

The American group that sells the widely used Covid-19 vaccine together with Germany’s BioNTech raised its revenue forecast for 2021 to US$33.5 billion from US$26 billion in the previous quarter.

The group and BioNTech shared the Covid sales profit equally, and the direct sales of the vaccine in the second quarter were $7.8 billion.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that the second quarter was “excellent in many ways.”

Pfizer and Moderna, which produce mRNA vaccines, dominate the market for new vaccine orders, while competitors AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, which use different types of technology, suffer from concerns about side effects and supply issues. Hinder.

The EU has ordered up to 2.1 billion additional doses of two mRNA vaccines.The U.S. purchased further last week 200m dose Pfizer injection.Nevertheless, global health authorities have recommended that governments should maintain a wide range of A series of different vaccines Beat Covid in their portfolio.

More than 1 billion doses of Pfizer injections have been delivered globally. Pfizer said that according to the contract signed as of mid-July, it is expected to provide 2.1 billion doses of drugs by 2021. Some countries have begun to order boosters, but scientists and regulators still disagree on whether they need them.

The group said on Wednesday that Pfizer’s second-quarter sales increased 92% to 18.98 billion U.S. dollars, while earnings per share increased 58% to 98 cents.

The company said that excluding the impact of vaccines, its overall business sales increased by 10%. The drugmaker raised its full-year sales guidance from the previous quarter’s estimate of $72.5 billion to $78 to $80 billion.

The company’s New York-listed shares rose 0.8% in premarket trading.

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