Petra Vlhova defeated Mikaela Shiffrin to win the 4th World Cup Obstacle Championship this season

Zagreb, Croatia-only her Slovak opponent Petra Flova Still out of reach. otherwise, Michaela Shivlin After testing positive for the coronavirus and missing two games last week, he returned satisfactorily in the floodlight obstacle course on Tuesday.

The Americans trailed champion Vlhova by five tenths of a second in the first game World Cup Calendar year of the game.

“I think my skiing is really good,” Shiflin Say. “Especially after the past two weeks, it’s great to be back. It’s so cool that I can ski some of my best maneuvers.”

ShiflinThe only participant who was allowed to participate in the competition on Monday was the only one who completed the race within two seconds of Vlhova’s winning time under difficult conditions, as the third-placed slalom world champion Katharina Liensberger was already 2.11 seconds behind.

Two weeks ago, Shiflin Ranked first and second respectively in the two giant slalom races in France, but before the two technical races in Austria the following week, he tested positive for COVID-19.

“After Courchevel, my water tank is completely empty, so I need some time to rest-and then I have a lot of time to rest,” Shiflin Say. “This is not real rehabilitation. I cannot do any real exercise or training for 10 days or more.”

Vlhova won the Lienzer Dolomites round, and Shiflin I was in quarantine last week. she Won four of the five rounds this season, leading by 140 points in the academic standings Shiflin There are four games left.The Americans maintain the overall lead, leading by 115 points she Slovak opponent.

she Slalom rankings have huge deficits Shiflin Realize she “There is nothing to lose” after winning the seventh season championship she The strongest discipline seems to be far away she.

“I don’t participate in global competitions anymore. Too much has happened so far this year, so I just try to promote every game,” the American said.

“I ran twice today. This is the best training I can get.” she continue. “This is a good exercise, both physically and mentally. If nothing else, I am getting back on track step by step. Today is a very, very big step.”

Nevertheless, Vlhova is still one step ahead Shiflin for she Winning for the third time in a row in the traditional first round of competition in the past, the Americans won four times from 2013 to 2019.

“It’s really tough because the conditions are not perfect,” said Volchova, Who has won 11 of the past 17 games World Cup Slalom. “Also, Zagreb It’s really long, so when you enter the last court, you start to feel your legs, so you have to, for example, breathe again and start again. “

The soft snow on the Crveni Spust track and the gusts of wind that set off the leaves swirled under challenging conditions. After there were 17 starters in the second round, the game had to be interrupted because the organizers were steadily increasing the wind speed. In this case, the finish line banner was removed for safety reasons.

Liensberger was one of many racers who lost a considerable amount of time, and even slipped out of a hole in the snow surface about 15 seconds later. Shiflin and Volchova A wider route was chosen to avoid obstacles and clear the next gate without problems, while winning about a second among most competitors.

Wendy Holdener, who was ranked third after the opening, also struggled in that position and fell to fourth, just before Ali Nullmeyer. The Canadian skier had the fastest second-round results and was promoted from 17th to the best result of her career.

At least seven racers, including three from the Swiss team, had to miss the race after testing positive for COVID-19, which required a 10-day quarantine and negative test before being allowed to return to the track.

Spectators are not allowed outside the competition arena Croatian capital, Which is usually one of the most visited events on women’s calendars.

Women’s World Cup The GS and slalom races will continue to be held in Kranjska Gora this weekend, which has been moved from Maribor, another resort in Slovenia due to lack of snow.

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