Peter Aykroyd passed away at the age of 66

New York – Peter Aykroyd, An Emmy-nominated actor and writer, in the 1979-80 season of “Saturday Night Live”, and later collaborated with his brother, with, From TV shows about supernatural phenomena to movies such as “Dragon Babu” and “Coneheads”, have died at the age of 66.

In a brief statement to the Associated Press on Monday, Dan Aykroyd Quoting from a forensic doctor in Spokane, Washington his The brother “died from sepsis caused by an internal infection caused by an untreated abdominal hernia.” Further details were not immediately available.

Peter AykroydLast weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” reported his death for the first time, and the show also released a short film starring Tom Schiller on Twitter, the black spoof “Java addict”.Former “Saturday Night Live” writer Alan Zweibel paid tribute on Facebook, saying Aykroyd “A very interesting, very nice person.”

he Born in Ottawa, Canada, his Careers follow a similar path his Brothers-Toronto’s second city comedy troupe and the final “Saturday Night Live”, which he Join in a few months Dan Aykroyd Leave with other original members John Belushi to focus on their film career. Peter AykroydThe year of “SNL” brought he Nominated for the best variety show or music program at the Emmy Awards.

After the end of the 1979-80 season, most of the remaining actors and screenwriters left NBC shows. Peter Aykroyd Will work intermittently his Brother for the next 20 years. he Appeared in “The Coneheads”, “Dragnet” and “Dr. Detroit” and cooperated with with The 1991 horror comedy “Nothing”.The Aykroyds share a common interest in science fiction and supernatural phenomena Peter Helped to create the Canadian television production “Psychological Factors: A Chronicle of the Supernatural” by with And it operated from 1996 to 2000.

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