Peruvian opposition moves to impeach President Pedro Castillo | Political News

Castillo’s popularity has plummeted in recent months, refuting “political noise”.

Opposition members of the Peruvian Congress file a motion for impeachment President Pedro Castillo.

Thursday’s motion was supported by the party of the right-wing presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, who was defeated by a narrow margin, on the grounds that it was “moral incompetent” to govern. It has the signatures of 28 lawmakers.

52 votes from 130-seat institutions are required to initiate impeachment proceedings. No voting has been scheduled yet. The final vote to cancel Castillo ultimately required 87 votes.

Castillo, who is elected president This move was rejected on Thursday in July.

“I am not worried about political noise because people chose me instead of mafia or corrupt elements,” he said in a speech in the Hauga region of the Andes, but did not specifically name the impeachment efforts. “I’m calm.”

In recent months, Castillo’s approval ratings have fallen, even for his left-wing Liberal Peru Party, in a series of protest Among those communities that say they have not seen the economic benefits of the country’s recent development and mining boom.

Several scandals also plagued Castillo Main minister And consultants. An anti-corruption prosecutor’s office recently launched an investigation into Bruno Pacheco, an important presidential adviser, and found $20,000 in the toilet of its government office during the raid. Pacheco denied wrongdoing and resigned last week.

Despite this, hundreds of Castillo supporters marched outside the Lima Congress on Thursday to protest the impeachment efforts.

“correct [in Congress] Governance is not allowed, which is why we have to go out and protest strongly. This is just the beginning, because we will achieve our goal, which is to close the Congress of Blockers,” Pedrolino, a Castillo supporter from Huancavelica, told The Associated Press.

The Peruvian Congress usually leans towards the right, and its impeachment case has always been controversial.

In November 2020, Congress voted to impeach President Martin Vizcarra. His predecessor, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, resigned on suspicion of buying votes.

Although the presidential term is five years, this Latin American country has had five presidents since 2016.

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