Performers prepare for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

New York (Associated Press) – Growing up in Chicago, Broadway star Britney Mack faithfully watched Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV after completing her parade duties. Now, she is ready to pack up and take to the streets of Manhattan, becoming a part of a big man for the first time.

Mike plays a wife of Henry VIII in the popular musical “Six”, and she will perform live mashups of songs with her teammates and band in front of millions of TV viewers on Thursday.

“I have my trousers, it will be epic,” she said. “I finally saw Snoopy. That was really my dream—to be honest, to see Snoopy’s big balloon.”

As the parade returns to its pre-pandemic form this year, astronaut Snoopy will hover overhead, his route will resume through Manhattan, and the high-altitude helium balloon will be pulled by the operator again.

This year’s parade-the 95th annual parade-will return to normal after succumbing to pandemic restrictions last year. It will be equipped with 15 giant character balloons, 28 floats, 36 novel and traditional inflatable toys, more than 800 clowns, 10 marching bands and 9 performance groups, and of course Santa Claus leads the team.

New balloon giants joining the lineup include scientist Ada Twist; small heroes from the “Mandalorian” and Pokémon characters Pikachu and Ibrahimovic on the sled.

Mike and her actors learned the new choreography, familiar with the new music, and will rehearse on the street in front of the department store to make it correct. Due to the fine weather, she kindly ordered hand warmers and foot warmers for her “six” performers. “I won’t go home to watch it, but I think the trade-off is pretty good,” she said.

Her grandmother is recording a parade in Mississippi, while her mother and her family will cheer in Chicago. Mack may be used to performing live, but this time it is very special.

“I’m a hard-working adult who came here like,’You know what? You’ll be fine. You’re in it. Put it together,'” she said. “I think I will feel better when I see Snoopy, so everything will be fine.”

In addition to “Six”, Broadway will also star in “Chicago”, “Waitress”, “Moulin Rouge!” “Musical” and “Evil”. Rockettes will be there, and actors from the upcoming NBC live production of “Annie” will also be present.

Maya Bowles, she will represent the Tony Award-winning “Moulin Rouge! Musical,” recalls waking up every Thanksgiving in Atlanta, making pound cakes with her mother, watching the parade, and then with her family at grandma’s house reunion.

She said: “After such a long pause, the feeling of coming back is really special.” “The change is so fast. I think it’s weird for me not to be with them during the holiday, but I am very grateful to be able to do what I will do. Things to do.”

As in previous years, the New York Police Department stated that it will block all vehicle entrances along the parade route with garbage trucks filled with sand, other heavy vehicles, and approximately 360,000 pounds of concrete barriers. Thousands of military officers were assigned to the parade route, including anti-terrorism teams. Police Chief Dermot Shea stated that there was no concrete and credible threat to the march.

“Girls5eva” actors will have new floats-Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Paula Pell, and busy Phillips-Nelly and Jordan Fisher, while Jon Batiste will ride in a crocodile-themed float to celebrate Louis Ann The music, food and culture of the state.

Other celebrities will include Carrie Underwood, Jimmie Allen, Kelly Rowland, Rob Thomas, Kristin Chenoweth, Darren Criss, Foreigner, Andy Grammer, Mickey Guyton, Chris Lane, Miss America Camille Schrier, Sesame Street puppets and the past three people And the current hosts of “Blue’s Clues”-Steve Burns, Donovan Patton and Josh Dela Cruz.

Some of the returning balloons will be “Boss Baby”, “Little Kid’s Diary”, Chase in “Paw Patrol”, Pillsbury Dough Boy, Ronald McDonald, Red Titan in “Ryan World” , Papa Blue, Sonic the Hedgehog, and SpongeBob Squarepants.

The Macy’s parade has always been a traditional kick-off ceremony for the holiday season. The audience often lined up in six rows along the route to cheer about 8,000 marchers, two dozen floats, entertainers and marching bands.

Last year, the usual 2 1/2 mile route through congested Manhattan was cancelled, and the activity was concentrated on a block on 34th Street in front of the retailer’s flagship store in Manhattan. Many performances are pre-recorded, and most of the parade performers are in the local area to reduce travel. The balloon is tethered to a dedicated vehicle instead of being controlled by the operator.

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