Pentagon says Putin ‘not interested in talking to Zelensky’

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

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“Mr. Putin can do the right thing now, just today, get his troops out, sit down with Mr. Zelensky and the Ukrainians and negotiate with some good faith,” Kirby told a media briefing. .

“(But) there doesn’t seem to be any hope of negotiating at the moment. Mr Putin has shown no interest in any kind of diplomatic avenues. Quite the contrary, he has shown great interest in continuing the war in Donbass.”

Kirby also said that Russia will continue to build more troops in the Donbas region, Despite nearly 100 days of war, the region has not made much progress.

“We’ve been at it for almost 100 days, and Mr. Putin has exactly zero strategic goals,” Kirby said.

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“He didn’t take away Ukraine’s sovereignty, quite the opposite. In fact, I think he means to the Ukrainian people how important their independence is, you can see they are fighting for independence every day, not just soldiers, but also There are individual citizens.”

On May 27, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi spoke on the phone with President Zelensky after a phone call with Putin. Details of his conversations with each of them have not been disclosed.

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In early May, UN Secretary-General António Guterres did the same — he talked to Putin in person, and Then visit Kyiv to talk to Zelensky.

In March, a Ukrainian delegation held a series of negotiations with Russian officials in Istanbul, Turkey.

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However, Ukraine’s foreign ministry later said it was not satisfied with the outcome of the talks, which have since stalled.

Before that, negotiating teams from both sides of the war met in Belarus. There were no substantive results at that time. The Russian delegation to Belarus was led by Ukrainian-born political science expert Vladimir Medinsky.

May 27 is Kirby’s last day on the job, as he moves to a new role on the National Security Council for strategic communications.

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