Peloton teases its first connected rowing machine

Peloton is still busy expanding its Connected Fitness Lineup although it is going on financial distress. The company has tease It plans to launch its first rowing machine, promising a combination of cardio and strength training.The company didn’t elaborate during the Homecoming 2022 event, but peek video (below) shows that it’s largely what you’d expect — a minimalist rower with a large screen to display lessons and stats.

No release date or price for the rowing machine was mentioned. However, Peloton previewed the capabilities of existing products. You will soon be able to schedule workouts with friends through the app, bike or tread. Blind and low-vision users will navigate the Tread’s interface through the Google TalkBack screen reader. You can finally choose to track cycling, running and other workouts through the Peloton app. You don’t have to take classes just to count your workouts toward membership challenges and streaks.

The expansion comes just days after Peloton disclosed that it lost $751.1 million in its most recent quarter (not to mention a drop in revenue).As people return to gyms and offices, companies have struggled to adapt to the recovery from the pandemic, and price cut The Guide camera doesn’t do much to turn things around. The rowing machine is a gamble in this regard, as Peloton clearly hopes that a more aggressive investment now will pay off in the long run.

Having said that, this could be a shrewd move.The smart rowing machine market is small, with brands such as Echelon and hydropower bellwether. Peloton will likely have a strong presence in this market through name recognition and its well-known categories.

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