“Peacemaker” comment: John Cena and James Gunn slack off in the stupid “Suicide Squad” spin-off

Gunn planted the seeds for the show in the “Squad” movie released in August, moving Senna’s weapon expert assassin from the ensemble to the center of the stage, surrounded by new characters and strange science fiction threats to humans. Although the speed is very slow.

Senna’s bulky physique obscured his comfort level as a clown, and the “peacemaker” gave him and Gu En the opportunity to enjoy in the most R-rated way with almost no adult supervision.

Alas, although they look interesting, it is another matter. Even for comic book geeks, the fascination with blinking jokes and shy references to the more respected quadrants of the DC Universe began to feel overdone, reducing the appeal of the project. Similarly, although some of these insiders are always smart, they are often just teenagers.

It is true that this general attitude applies to “Deadpool”, even if the attraction is limited to cult ranks, this may be enough for streaming services. Hope to build loyalty (Like CNN, HBO Max is a division of WarnerMedia). Even so, the “peacemaker” still felt that playing in the superhero-type small ball area was a bit too involved.

After the near-death experience in the movie, Senna’s peacemaker is released under the custody of an elite team, responsible for the assassination to avoid the survival danger that is basically hidden in the eye. The team includes another newcomer (“Orange is the new black” Danielle Brooks), with her own secrets, a nervous leader (Chukwudi Yiwuji) and his deputy ( Jennifer Holland), even though she claimed no interest.

Even more stupid is Vigilante (Freddie Stroma), another assassin in a costume, who worships the peacemaker and is even more unapologetically mentally ill.

Eventually, the different clues began to merge, but Gunn — who wrote all eight episodes and directed a few episodes — seemed to be more fascinated by the overall atmosphere than advancing the story, indulging in detours and musical prosperity along the way. Including a grim subplot involving the father of the peacemaker (played by Robert Patrick), the history of the white supremacist is dark even by all standards of the show.

In the eight episodes, “Peacemaker” not only represents a fairly relaxing carnival, but also represents the excessive behavior of streaming media as a temptation to attract big-name talents.Although there will not be much drama market for specialized derivative dramas, on HBO Max-it is already like “Titan” and “Doom Patrol” -There is more ammunition to retain die-hard fans. From a creative point of view, all the bets are gone.

According to this standard, the “peacemaker” has not completely missed it, at least for those who tend to buy it. But even considering this, and Gunn’s shotgun approach to comedy, it didn’t fully find its target.

“Peacemaker” premiered on HBO Max on January 13, the first three episodes.

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