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Payment processing giant Paypal revealed that it has partnered with the non-profit organization Anti-Defamation League (ADL). According to the announcement, Paypal is studying transactions settled on the payment network, which are suspected of funding hate groups and extremism.

Paypal Research and Anti-Defamation League Transactions

A sort of Report Reuters pointed out that Paypal is studying transactions involving “extremists” and funding “hate campaigns.” The company will investigate and disrupt the flow of funds supporting specific hate groups and so-called “anti-government organizations.” The announcement stated that the plan will be completed through ADL’s Extremism Center.

Aaron Karczmer, Paypal’s chief risk officer and executive vice president of risk and platform, said the company has been working to develop “complex systems” that help curb illegal activities.

Paypal plans to study funding extremist and anti-government organizations' transactions
When ADL announced its partnership with Paypal on Twitter, the topic received a large number of responses critical of ADL’s practices.

Karczmer hopes that previous knowledge and current systems can help create “positive social impact.” As we all know, centralized payment processors have been reviewing transactions for some time. In 2010, Alipay freeze the account The link to the reporting portal WikiLeaks caused an uproar.

The combination of MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, and others’ financial blockade of WikiLeaks is controversial, and these actions prompted the site Accept Bitcoin donations. 2016 British Male Companion Leveraged Bitcoin Bypass Paypal review. In 2019, Alipay Out of service Pornhub model and Paypal by January 2020 pause All Pornhub accounts. September 2020, Paypal’s complete infrastructure Review Merchant sales Tardigrade commodity.

Extremism is considered a slippery and controversial

ADL’s definition of extremism and hatred is also quite controversial. For example, five years ago, ADL classified the famous Internet frog meme “Rare Pepe” as a hate symbol.This leads to the memes being blockchained and Becomes an immutable collection Non-fungible tokens.

Paypal plans to study funding extremist and anti-government organizations' transactions

In addition, ADL’s definition of anti-government organizations as extremists is also considered extreme by those who believe in liberalism and believe that the government is currently corrupt. The latest initiatives of Paypal and ADL have been criticize By activists, liberals and Some bitcoins.

On July 26, a Redditor on subreddit r/bitcoin stated: “The value of Bitcoin comes from censorship resistance.” “Paypal, the days when you were forced to do so are over,” the individual added.

Former American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) director Ira Glasser explained that banning hate speech is a never-ending decline. “When people say they want to ban hate speech, they mean they want to ban the speech they hate,” Glasser Emphasized in the interview“But if you allow’hate speech’ to be banned, then the only important question is’Who decides?'”

The report on the ADL and Paypal partnership explains that payment processors have taken action to combat “extremism” in the past few years. The announcement also stated that Paypal and ADL will cooperate with selected civil rights organizations. Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of ADL, sees this collaboration as a window of opportunity.

Greenblatt said in a statement: “We have a unique opportunity to learn more about how hatred spreads and develop key insights that will inform the financial industry, law enforcement and our communities in their efforts to mitigate the threat of extremism. .”

What do you think of Paypal joining the Anti-Defamation League to research funding extremist transactions? Do you think there is a slippery slope in the classification of extremists? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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