Patton Oswalt is complicated by his long-term friendship with Dave Chappelle

It starts with A post Oswalt explained that he recently performed a show with Chappelle. Oswalt took a note on social media and said that Chappelle had sent him a text message asking him to visit and be a guest on the stage where he was performing next door.

“Why not? I waved goodbye to this hellish year with a genius who started comedy 34 years ago. He works on stage like he is talking to a person and attracting their skin. Anyway, I With a real friend and deep laughter that ended the year. Can’t ask for more,” Oswald wrote.

After encountering some strong opposition, Osval wrote a follow-up post stating that he had been friends with Chapel since his youth and had not seen each other for a long time.

“He is a comedian and the most interesting person I have ever met. I wanted to post a photo and an IG story about it-so I did it. The friend is Dave Chapel. We have been friends thirty Four years,” he wrote. “We have done good and bad performances, turning on the microphone and recording on the TV.”

Oswalt also talked about Chapel’s latest talk show special “The Closer” and some of the consequences after the special release. Some of the Netflix employees left because the anchor decided to run the special. Oswal wrote, “We 100% disagree with the rights and representation of transgender people. I support the right of transgender people—the right of anyone—to live safely in the world as their most complete selves.”

He added that he “never agrees” with Chapel’s position on LGBTQ+ life, and he does not “believe that seekers like him have completed evolution and learning.”

“You have known people for so long, and seeing struggles and changes, it is impossible to cut them off. It is impossible not to be hopeful and open and cheer for them,” Oswal wrote. “I am an LGBTQ ally. I am a loyal friend. There are frictions in these qualities. I need to reconcile myself and not let anyone else feel betrayed.”

He added that he has been “carrying a lot of guilt” after severing a friend whose behavior he couldn’t bear.

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