Parents of suspected Michigan school shooters plead not guilty to manslaughter charges Reuters


© Reuters. File Picture: The 52nd District Court in Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA. The parents of school shooters Ethan Crubley, James and Jennifer Cobbleley should have been subpoenaed on Friday because of Sources say Oakland County fugitive T


(Reuters)-A Michigan judge set a $500,000 bail per person for the parents of a teenager accused of murdering four high school students, after the authorities conducted a high-profile hunt on Saturday Detain the couple.

James and Jennifer Crubley appeared in court through a video link in jail, and the two pleaded not guilty to four counts of manslaughter.

Oakland County Attorney Karen McDonald (Karen McDonald) said at the hearing that when the authorities were looking for them, the Crubley family took $4,000 from the ATM and there was still a risk of flying.

She said: “We cannot guarantee that these people will go back to court on their own.”

After Oakland County prosecutors announced on Friday that they would be charged with manslaughter in connection with the mass shooting on campus, the authorities began searching for the couple. The prosecutor said that the Crubley family bought pistols for their son as a Christmas gift, and then ignored the warning signs including the day of the shooting.

Judge Julie Nicholson said on Saturday that she had some concerns about the “flight risk” caused by the couple after they did not attend Friday’s arraignment.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Detroit police spokesman Rudy Harper (Rudy Harper) said they were detained in what “looks like a residential building”.

“We arrested them,” Harper said when asked if his parents surrendered, adding that they were trying to escape when they were caught.

Detroit Police Chief James White said at a press conference that the couple did not break into the building where they were arrested, but were allowed to enter.

The couple’s 15-year-old son, Ethan Crumbley, was detained on suspicion of committing the deadliest American school shooting in 2021 at Oxford High School, 40 miles (60 kilometers) from NATO, and was detained without bail. Detroit.

According to Oakland County Deputy Sheriff Mike McCabe, Cubley’s parents are expected to appear in court on Friday afternoon, but they stopped responding to lawyers’ calls, prompting the sheriff’s fugitive arrest team to conduct a search.

After they failed to appear in court, the U.S. Marshals Service stated that it had taken over the case and was conducting a search with Oakland County officials.

“Fleeing and ignoring their lawyers undoubtedly added to the weight of the charges,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a statement on Friday. “They cannot escape their role in this tragedy.”

Even so, the parents’ lawyers issued a statement on Friday saying that they intend to return to the country to be subpoenaed.

“They are not evading law enforcement,” lawyers Shannon Smith and Mary Elleman said.

Gun purchase

The prosecutor said that four days before the shooting, Ethan accompanied his father to a gun shop where James Clubley bought a 9mm pistol.

Ethan posted a photo of the gun on social media and wrote: “I just got my new beauty today.” Oakland County Attorney Karen MacDonald said that the next day, his mother posted, The two of them are “testing his new Christmas present.”

MacDonald detailed some other warning signs she said her parents had failed to take action.

On November 21, a teacher found Ethan Crumbley looking for ammunition on his phone. His mother later texted him, “Haha, I am not angry with you. You must learn not to be caught.”

On the morning of the shooting, a teacher found a painting by Ethan Crumbley with a pistol, a bullet, and a bleeding man, with the words “blood everywhere” beside it. “My life is useless” and “Thoughts will not stop”-help me. ”

MacDonald said that school officials called the Crumbleys and instructed them to have Ethan consulted within 48 hours. She said that her parents “rejected” the idea of ​​sending her son home from school, and neither searched his backpack nor asked him about the gun.

Authorities said that after the Crubley family left the meeting without a son, Ethan Crubley returned to the classroom and then walked out of the bathroom with a gun, killing four students and injuring seven others.

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