Paramount’s Smile debuts with $22 million

Caitlin Stasi in Paramount Smile.

picture: Paramount

Every October is the time when horror movies shine.Such plans this month include Halloween is over and republish trick or treat, But first, let’s start Smile. Paramount’s latest film is off to a great start in terms of box office.

Every type, smiling It netted $22 million in the U.S. over its opening weekend and is currently making $36.5 million at the time of writing. Directed and written by Parker Finn, the film has solid reviews and good reviews, as its trailers have played ahead of nearly every blockbuster in the past few months.It also earned the distinction of yet another domestic victory for Paramount, which lost city, Sonic 2, and Top Gun: Maverick. There’s no doubt that Paramount is very pleased with the decision to upgrade it from a streaming release to full theater.

both don’t worry dear and queen, Opened at the end of September and fell to the second and third places respectively. Honey Revenues of $7.3 million were down 62% from the opening weekend for a domestic gross of $32.8 million; Queen’s $7 million equals $46.7 million.In fourth place is another blockbuster this weekend, Universal Pictures Bros, $4.8 million.

outside halloween and trick or treat, This month’s other horror movie offerings include gourd hell messenger reboot, V/H/S 99 shudder, and Devil’s Prey. But in general, smiling The biggest competition of the month will be Dwayne Johnson’s black adam 21st.

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