Paraguayan anti-drug prosecutor shot while honeymoon in Colombia drug news

Marcelo Pecci, 45, was shot while relaxing on the beach on the Colombian Caribbean island of Baru, his wife said.

Paraguayan anti-drug prosecutor Marcelo Page was shot dead by man fleeing at sea while on his honeymoon on Colombia’s Caribbean island, police and his widow said.

Paraguay’s president condemned the crime as a “cowardly murder”, a modus operandi said by a colleague of prosecutors [drug] mafia”.

Paige, 45, was shot twice Tuesday while relaxing on the beach on the tourist island of Baru, near where he was shot on April 30, according to his wife, Paraguayan journalist Claudia Aguilera. The city of Cartagena married him.

“Two men attacked Marcelo. They came by boat or motorboat, the truth is I can’t see clearly,” she told El Tiempo newspaper.

One of the attackers got out of the car, “without saying a word, he fired two shots at Marcelo, one [bullet] Aguilera said he was punched in the face and another was punched in the back.

She said her husband of less than two weeks received no threats.

“Assassins arrived at the beach … attacked and murdered one of our guests,” the Tokamatsu Hotel, where the couple stayed, said in a statement.

Colombian President Ivan Duque condemns killing, pledges to work with Paraguay to ‘find those responsible’ [File: Luisa Gonzalez/Reuters]

The motive for the killing is unclear, but Page’s colleague, Paraguayan prosecutor Augusto Salas, said the modus operandi was “typical” [drug] Mafia, so I will think so until it turns out to be the opposite.”

Colombian police chief Jorge Luis Vargas said five homicide investigators had been dispatched to Baru and would be supported by Paraguayan and U.S. experts.

“Information is being collected … that will help us identify those responsible,” Vargas said.

Colombian President Ivan Duque “condemned” the killing on Twitter. Duque said he had offered his condolences to Paraguay’s foreign minister, Mario Abdou Benitez, and pledged to “cooperate in finding those responsible.”

As far as Benitez is concerned, he tweeted: “The entire country of Paraguay mourns the cowardly murder of Colombian prosecutor Marcelo Page.

“We condemn this tragic event in the strongest terms and redouble our commitment to the fight against organised crime,” he added.

Page’s office said in a statement that steps were being taken “to help and keep his family safe.”

Page specializes in organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing.

He was involved in the investigation of Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, held in paraguay 2020 has been plagued by months of fake passport scandals.

He also led an operation that seized dozens of properties obtained through money laundering and made about 30 arrests this year.

The U.S. embassy in Paraguay offered its condolences to Page’s loved ones and praised his “commitment, professionalism and dedication to the fight against organized crime.”

Sofia Lopez, Paraguay’s ambassador to Colombia, said Page was on a “private” trip and had no work meetings scheduled.

Colombia, No. 1 in the world largest cocaine produceris battling a wave of violence, though 2016 Peace Agreement This disarmed the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) group and ended nearly six years of civil war.

Dissident FARC armed fighters continue to compete for territory and resources in parts of the country, ELN rebel groupparamilitary forces and drug cartels.

For its part, landlocked Paraguay, between Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, has become an important launchpad for drugs to Europe.

Paraguay and Colombia have recently strengthened their alliance in the fight against organized and cross-border crime.

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