Panasonic and Leica launch ‘L squared’ project to jointly develop cameras and lenses

Panasonic and Leica have established a new collaboration called L² (L Squared), where they will jointly develop cameras, lenses and imaging technologies, they Announce. Both companies have joined L-mount no anti-alliance (along with Sigma and Leitz) and Panasonic have borrowed Leica’s camera technology. However, the new partnership goes further, as they will use “co-developed technology” in their respective lens and camera products, while the L² brand will play a role in future marketing campaigns.

“Through this collaboration, the two companies will jointly invest in new technologies that can be incorporated into camera and lens products, and will incorporate jointly developed technologies into each other’s Leica and Lumix products to further enhance their product capabilities,” the release said. “Going forward, Leica and Lumix will leverage L² technology in their marketing campaigns, which will open up new possibilities for creative camera users to develop collaborative systems in the long term.”

There is no word on when we will see the fruits of this collaboration.It does make sense though, as Panasonic tends to be overshadowed by Canon, Sony and Nikon, despite producing good camera – especially video.At the same time, Leica has a great reputation for lens quality, but the respect for its mirrorless cameras is far from that, as they are mostly Rebadged, overpriced Panasonic modelsThrough the partnership, Panasonic could gain some cachet from Leica’s signature reputation and lens quality, while Leica would gain the technological edge of Panasonic.

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