“Pam and Tommy” trailer drops

Before the show premiered on February 2, Hulu released a new preview of its upcoming episodes on Wednesday.

This eight-episode series tells the story of how the sex tapes of actress and model Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee were stolen and sold without their consent .

Lily James plays Anderson, and Sebastian Stan plays Lee.

The trailer shows Rand Gauthier [Seth Rogan] And Uncle Mitty [Nick Offerman] Stole a private videotape taken by the couple during their honeymoon.

Anderson and Lee eventually divorced and went on to win a lawsuit against the Internet Entertainment Group, which sold their tapes.

Although Anderson hasn’t considered this series yet, Lee told Entertainment tonight Recently, “This story is really cool. What actually happened was not, but [Stan] Tell me it’s wild. I think that happened a long time ago. But this is a cool story, people need to know. That’s cool. I am excited. “

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