Palestinians say man stabbed to death by Israeli settlers

Ramallah, West Bank (AP) — A man died Tuesday after being stabbed by an Israeli settler in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian health ministry said. Israeli police said they did not yet know the identity of the stabbed.

Ali Hassan Harb was stabbed in the chest, the ministry said. The official Palestinian news agency Wafa said he was 27 years old.

Israeli police said they were responding to reports of “friction” between Palestinians and Israelis near the settlement of Ariel in the northern West Bank. They said they were investigating.

Settler violence against Palestinians and Israeli militants has increased in recent months, including The attack on a village last September One of the Palestinian toddlers was injured. Human rights groups say Israeli security forces often turn a blind eye or intervene to protect settlers during violent confrontations.

Palestinians Shooting and killing an Israeli security guard In April, 19 people were killed in a wave of attacks against Israelis at the entrance to Ariel.

Nearly 500,000 Jewish settlers live in more than 130 settlements scattered across the West Bank, many of which are fully built and now resemble suburbs or small towns. Nearly 3 million Palestinians live in the West Bank under Israeli military rule.

Israel occupied the West Bank in the 1967 Middle East war, and Palestinians want it to be a major part of their future state. Israel sees the West Bank as the Jewish biblical and historical heartland. Every government, including the current government, expanded settlement.

The Palestinians and much of the international community see these settlements as a violation of international law and an obstacle to peace, as they absorb and carve up the land that will create a future Palestinian state.

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