Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank

JERUSALEM (AP)-Palestinian health officials said a man was shot and killed by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday. The Israeli military said that the man wielded an iron rod and approached the army.

Shadi Omar, 41, was shot dead near the town of Beta, where residents have been protesting against unauthorized Israeli settlement outposts for weeks.

The Israeli military said in a statement that Omar had begun “swiftly advancing” toward the Israeli army holding an iron rod. They said that despite the fire warning, the man continued to move forward and was shot dead.

Palestinians from villages near the Eviatar outpost said that the settlement was built on their land and feared that it would merge with a larger settlement.

Last month, there were almost daily protests at the outposts. Demonstrators threw stones at the Israeli army, and the Israeli army fired tear gas and live ammunition. At least four protesters were killed in the clashes.

According to an agreement reached between the Israeli government and Eviatar settlers in June, the settlers left the area, but the buildings were kept intact under the guard of the army.

Israel occupied the West Bank in the 1967 war. The Palestinians regard this area as the heartland of a future independent state. Most of the international community considers settlements illegal and an obstacle to peace.

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